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Tipología Grado
Lugar Madrid
Duración 4 Años
Créditos 240
  • Grado
  • Madrid
  • Duración:
    4 Años
  • Créditos: 240

Dirigido a: The Bachelor in Psychology is aimed at those who want to become experts in human behavior and apply this expertise as leaders in organizations, as consultants, or as researchers in economic, political, and social contexts.

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María de Molina, 11, 28006, Madrid, España
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María de Molina, 11, 28006, Madrid, España
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Fundamental changes are occurring in the field of Psychology as our scientific understanding of human behavior becomes increasingly critical to success in a global world. If you want to develop the skills and knowledge to research, analyze and transform behavior in organizations, economies, and nations, then IE University´s Bachelor in Psychology is the degree for you. This program has been designed to give you the tools you need to become a catalyst of change in whatever career you choose to pursue.

Our Focus Looking to the FUTURE
Knowledge and training in Psychology is increasingly viewed as invaluable to success in a dynamic and global environment. Companies, governmental agencies and research organizations are seeking better ways to manage and motivate people and are looking for new approaches to understanding human behavior in markets, economies, and societies. A degree in Psychology from IE University will provide you with diverse opportunities for employment and enable you to pursue a career in which you can make a difference. Do it, live it!
IE University goes beyond theory, engaging the student in practical experience from day one. You will be involved in workshops, research, internships and professional endeavors that will allow you to extend and apply what you learn in the classroom. You can focus your program on different areas of Psychology based on your interests and career goals.

A practice approach Psychology in practice
Learning to manage projects, work effectively with other people, and utilize a range of influence techniques are skills that are critical to career success. Our program in Psychology will help you gain experience and develop leadership abilities in several ways:

The Work program By working directly in organizations, you will gain practical, hands-on experience and come to better understand the challenges and issues people face in the modern work place.

Integration Modules
In the 3rd and 4th years of the program you will have opportunities to integrate and apply your knowledge and skills through seminars and projects with IE University faculty and skilled practitioners experienced in a range of areas.
IE Module
Each Bachelor program and academic discipline takes an integrated approach and is always applied from a professional perspective.
IE University has a core set of courses required in all degree programs to give future professionals, regardless of their focus of study, a well rounded education that contributes to both academic and personal growth. The IE Module core courses are geared to train students to be responsible and entrepreneurial, with a global, innovative outlook. It comprises 4 main courses: Business Management - The students at IE University create and manage projects.
Humanities - The students at IE University undertake projects without conceptual limitations.
Interpersonal skills - The students at IE University lead and carry out projects in teams.
Ethics - The Students at IE University create responsible and valuable projects.

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