CIMA Professional - Management Level (E2) Enterprise Management

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Why not improve your chances of excelling in your accounting career by signing up for this Enterprise Management course, which will take you a step closer towards achieving the full CIMA Professional Chartered Management accounting qualification. 

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¿Qué objetivos tiene esta formación?

As a qualified Management accountant you can expect to earn a salary around £32K with further prospects leading to Financial Controller, Finance Director, Finance and Administration Manager.

¿Esta formación es para mí?

Anyone who wishes to add value to their portfolio with the knowledge that CIMA brings.

Requisitos: Students will need to have first attained the CIMA Operational qualifications before they can move on to the CIMA Management Level training.

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¿Qué aprendes en este curso?

Strategic Management
Project Manager
Strategic Planning
Strategic Business Management
Management of Risk
Management Planning
Analytical accounting


This module is the first of three management level units that you will cover as part of the CIMA qualification.
  • Gain insight into the varying competitive environments that exist, and the key characteristics of them, including PEST analysis, stakeholder mapping and competitor analysis.
  • Delve into the development of strategic management, including established and emergent thinking and strategy formulations.
  • Discuss the tools and techniques that you require for project management, frameworks and structures to ensure that targets are reached.
  • Learn how to produce a basic project plan, including the use of strategies for dealing with uncertainty.
  • Learn how to make continual improvements to a project including the evaluation of planned changes to projects and risk management.
  • Understand the importance of post-completion audits, review the activities within the project and justify their costs.
  • Learn how to produce a strategy for a project, and understand the importance of a project manager, whilst also evaluating the relationship of them and the external environment. 
  • Understand the concepts of power, bureaucracy, delegation and leadership within an organisation and understand the importance of the organisational culture within the general operations of business. 
  • Learn how to manage conflict within an organization, so that working relationships are as harmonious as possible.
  • Learn how to manage people, including the legalities and communication aspects and delve deeper into the relationships between management and their teams.
  • Understand the need for disciplinary procedures, and how conflict can be kept to a minimum with the use of hones communication and negotiation skills.

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Flexible, interest-free, part payment options available.
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