CIMA Professional - Operational Level (P1) Performance Operations

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Move one step closer to achieving the CIMA Professional Chartered Management Accounting qualification by signing up for this training course which will fully prepare you for the Operational Level (P1) Performance Operations exam.

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¿Qué objetivos tiene esta formación?

As a qualified Management accountant you can expect to earn a salary around £32K with further prospects leading to Financial Controller, Chartered accountant, Finance Manager
Source: PayScale

¿Esta formación es para mí?

For anyone who wishes to improve their management accounting skills.

Requisitos: There are no pre-requisites to take this course. In order to take the examination you will need to hold the CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting or equivalent.

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Decision Making
Business Accounting
Management Accounting
Financial Training


The P1 Enterprise operations course covers one of the nine units that make up the prestigious CIMA Professional Chartered Management Account qualification. It will introduce you to some of the Fundamental aspects of Business Accounting. • Learn how to apply costing methods, within costing systems, including the reconciliation of budgeted and actual profit margins. • Understand the concepts of planning and operational variances, as well as the various standards and variances within service industries, public services and professions. • Get to grips with the concept of benchmarking, and learn how to prepare reports using a range of internal and external benchmarks with the ability to interpret the results. • Explain both the MRP and ERP systems. • Learn about how internalised costs such as emissions, tax and waste disposal can affect the environment. • Understand the need for forecasts, plans and budgets within an organisation, and how to resolve issues when conflicts within them arise. • Apply a variety of forecasting techniques to calculate product/service volumes, as well as projected revenues and costs. • Learn how to prepare a budget based on forecasts, projections and managerial targets. • Understand and explain the processes that are involved in making long-term decisions, and learn how to calculate cash flows to ensure the long-term decisions are the right ones. • Consider both financial and non-financial aspects during the decision making process, and prepare supporting documents to emphasise the key points. • Learn how to evaluate project proposals based on investment appraisal techniques. • Learn how to analyse the impact of uncertainty upon the decision making process, including cash flow, learning curves and discounting techniques. • Explore the management of short-term finance; learn how to analyse cash-flow forecasts, and identify the potential for short-term funding and investment opportunities.

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