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Tipología Curso
Metodología In company
Lugar City of london (England)
Duración 1
Inicio 15/11/2019
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  • City of london (England)
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Emagister offers you the opportunity to build strong your skills in communication, thanks to this "Conference Speaking Skills - Inhouse" imparted by Acudemy Training.

Thanks to this 1-Day course the candidates will know how to make an impact on your audience determines how others not only perceive you but your business.

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¿Qué objetivos tiene esta formación?

The key objectives are to enhance the participant's skills to learn how to deliver powerful, positive and dynamic presentations with confidence.

Providing participants with an environment that will empower them whilst developing their skills To act as a catalyst for effective partnerships between employers and employees
Rewarding dedication, commitment and effort by the provision of best-in-class training Committed to fulfilling clients’ needs and managing the expectations of both learners and employers
Working in accordance with best practice Celebrating the success of others.

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Our training programmes are designed to empower learners, enabling them to achieve their educational and career goals. We build bright futures by facilitating participants with the skills to bring about a unique combination of benefits for themselves and their employer.

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15 nov 2019
City of London
225 Gray's Inn Road, WC1X 8RH, London, England
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Inicio 15 nov 2019
City of London
225 Gray's Inn Road, WC1X 8RH, London, England
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Curso realizado: Febrero 2018
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Performance Management
Body Language
Objection Handling
Communications Planning
Presentation techniques
Time management
Communication Training
Skills Communication
Effective Communication
Skills and Training
Speaking Skills
Conference Speaking Skills
Structuring Content
Engaging Audience
Overcoming Nerves
Focusing Exercise


Course Highlights will be:

Careful Preparation

  •  Key preparations you need to do before any speech or presentation is delivered in order to achieve your pre-determined objectives
  • Quick tips on how to write or re-jig your speech to include all types of people
  •  Structuring your content to include audience-focussed speeches with introduction, body of talk and close
  •  The Dos and Don’ts to presenting yourself to anyone. The keys to mastering a memorable and lasting First Impression (including wardrobe)

Effective Communication Skills

The bulk of the time will be filming and video playback with on-going coaching to include:

  •  Making an impactful entrance
  •   Engaging with the audience from the moment you start
  • Enhancing the clarity and power of your voice, breathe and delivery
  •  Redefining: tone/tempo/pace and timing issues
  •  Discover the language behind hand gestures – when to use them and when not to
  •  Aligning your body language with your message for congruence and authenticity discovering how it affects audience’s reaction
  •  Using VAK to establish rapport and interest from your audience
  •   Anticipating audience reaction and planning your response – Handling objections upfront in your delivery

Overcoming Nerves

  • Gaining super-confidence whilst developing and projecting greater presence
  • Using visualisation as a powerful tool for perfection and also to stretch your imagination to see first what is possible
  • Future focusing exercise
  • Controlling nerves and dealing with hecklers or “the unexpected”
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