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Creative Writing Diploma Course

4.5 excelente 6 opiniones
Centre of Excellence

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Tipología Curso
Metodología Online
Horas lectivas 150h
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  • Online
  • 150h
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What You'll Learn from the Creative Writing Diploma Course
Creative writing covers a wide variety of forms; simply, its purpose is to enable you to express, emotions, thoughts and feelings using the written word. If you would like to improve your writing skills, to try out new techniques in a variety of writing styles and to be able to create compelling works of fiction, then this course will enable you to do just that.
There are so many opportunities for writers in this digital age and the world of publishing has evolved greatly over the last few years. Publishing is now accessible to all who have a good grasp of the English language and because the world is now a predominantly much smaller place through the rise of the digital era, it is possible to become published in many English speaking countries.
This course however does not just concentrate on publishing but on the skills required that will elevate your writing abilities to the dizzy heights of professionalism. There is pleasure in the written word, creating imaginary plots and forming descriptive scenes filled with vibrancy and colour will satisfy the need to create. The knowledge of how to craft a captivating short story and to possess the ability to craft larger than life characters will stimulate those creative juices.
If you choose the road towards publication, understand that it can be a long but enjoyable route towards success, while you absorb the craft and incorporate it into your own writing studies. Think of this learning curve as an apprenticeship as you polish and hone the skills that will provide an outlet for your creative thoughts and that could provide you with the skills to become a published writer.
While the emphasis is on enjoyment, the projects within will test your imagination and stretch your writing skills, so that you learn steadily and consistently throughout.

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: Special price for Emagister users. Code: NEWLIFE





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James dake
Sobre el curso: I enjoyed every bit of my course and would highly recommend it to anyone. It was so much easy to fit.
Curso realizado: Marzo 2019
¿Recomendarías este centro?:
Sobre el curso: Good course, material was nice, it absolutely enlightened me. I would follow the same, thanks!
Curso realizado: Marzo 2019
¿Recomendarías este centro?:
Lo mejor: I was limited to a mobile phone to do my course and I found the learning to be easy, clear were to search & navigate the website - learning centre, assessments and lessons.
A mejorar: -
Curso realizado: Enero 2018
¿Recomendarías este centro?:
Lo mejor: I love the course I have just taken and finished, the Soapmaking Diploma. I can take the course, learn in my own time and there is no time limit to finish the course.
A mejorar: All ok
Curso realizado: Enero 2018
¿Recomendarías este centro?:
Ms Dawn Tattershall
Lo mejor: I love this course because it takes you right from the begining. it gives all the information step by step, explains in easy terms, and gives practical exercises too.
A mejorar: Nothing
Curso realizado: Enero 2018
¿Recomendarías este centro?:
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English Language
Creative Writing
Publishing Skills
Writing Skills
Ms Word
Ms Word
Ms Word


Module 1 - The Creative Process

  • Part 1: What is it? 
  • Part 2: Controlling Projects 
  • Part 3: Creating an Outline 
  • Part 4: Time to Write 
  • Module 1 Assessment

Module 2 - Writing Fiction

  • Part 1: Show, Don’t Tell
  • Part 2: Character Profile
  • Part 3: Characteristics
  • Module 2 Assessment

Module 3 - Point of View

  • Point of View
  • Module 3 Assessment

Module 4 - Character Motivation

  • Character Motivation
  • Module 4 Assessment

Module 5 - Write What You Know

  • Write What You Know
  • Module 5 Assessment

Module 6 - Characters, Names and Imaginations

  • Part 1: Understanding the Character Connection 
  • Part 2: Names 

Module 7 - Beginning, Middle and Ending

  • Part 1: Beginnings 
  • Part 2: Middles 
  • Part 3: Endings 
  • Module 7 Assessment

Module 8 - Dialogue and Descriptive Writing

  • Part 1: Dialogue 
  • Part 2: Descriptive Writing 
  • Module 8 Assessment

Module 9 - Beating Writer’s Block

  • Part 1: Beating Writer’s Block
  • Part 2: Opening Sentences 
  • Module 9 Assessment

Module 10 – Tips and Creative Tasks

  • Creative writing tips 
  • Module 10 Assessment

Module 11 – Writing Poetry

  • Part 1: What is Poetry? 
  • Part 2: Starting Out 
  • Part 3: Poetry Terms 
  • Part 4: Light, Shade and Imagination 

Module 12 – Poetry Prompts

  • Poetry Prompts
  • Module 12 Assessment

Module 13 - Writing the Life Story

  • Part 1: Writing the Life Story
  • Part 2: Flashbacks 
  • Module 13 Assessment

Module 14 - Going Public

  • Part 1: Going Public
  • Part 2: Agents and Self-publishing

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