Decision Making

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How effective are you at processing information from your environment and using emotion to drive your decision making?

How rational and objective are you in solving problems?

Good decision making requiring a rational, thoughtful response underpinned with good emotional awareness is vital in the workplace. Leaders must evaluate all the facts when making decisions and understand the impact that their decisions will have on them, the business and other people.

Understand more about the role of emotions in decision making. Learn how to develop your emotional intelligence and use this skill at work.

The course helps you to

Understand the way that people make decisions using emotional information to solve problems
Discover how to get a better understanding of reality
Explore ways to resist or delay impulses and remain objective to avoid rash behaviours

How to develop more rational, thoughtful responses underpinned with good emotional awareness.


You are going to get some insights into how you view your decision-making and how others view your decision-making.

The project looks at assessing your decision-making from your perspective and asks you to compare this with how others view your decision-making. Use the information in this course to look at ways to improve your decision-making.


An understanding of how your view of reality impacts upon your subjectivity and your decisions
Insights about the lessons that you can gain from understanding problem solving better
An insight into how your impulses drive the decisions that you make


Course notes for each module
Assess your decision-making exercise
Practical activities to develop your decision-making capabilities
Discussion boards to interact and share your learning with others

Good decision-making means that you can grasp problems and mindfully devise effective solutions.

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Andriv Prince
Lo mejor: I am impressed that this instructor manages teaching techniques used by professionals.
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Curso realizado: Enero 2017
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Gowtham bharatwaj
Lo mejor: Highly recommended, it's a brilliant course.
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Curso realizado: Mayo 2017
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Bongani Christian Mthembu
Lo mejor: It's good but should have more information for senior managers.
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Curso realizado: Mayo 2016
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Decision Making
Problem Solving
Emotional Intelligence
Team Dynamics
Team Leader
Teamwork Skills
Social Skills


Course Programme

About this Decision Making Course

  •     About this Decision Making Course FREE

Assess your Decision Making

  •     Decision Making and the EQ-i 2.0 FREE
  •     Assess your Decision Making (exercise)

Reality Testing

  •     Reality Testing - Objectives FREE
  •     Objectivity vs Subjectivity FREE
  •     Sensory Input Channels FREE
  •     What is Really Happening FREE
  •     Types of Filters FREE
  •     Values and Beliefs
  •     Interpretations of Memory
  •     Understanding your Reality
  •     Observations of Behaviour and Reality
  •     Reality Testing - Review
  •     Reality Testing Course Notes

Exercise - Reality Testing

  •     Reality Testing (exercise)

Reality Testing Discussion Forum

  •     Reality Testing Discussion

Problem Solving

  •     Problem Solving - Objectives
  •     Types of Problem
  •     Adaptability, Risk and Innovation
  •     Stimulating and Destroying Creativity
  •     Intuition
  •     Steps to Problem Solving
  •     SCAMPER
  •     Tips around Working with SCAMPER
  •     Emotions and Decisions
  •     Problem Solving - review
  •     Problem Solving Course Notes

Exercise - Problem Solving

  •     Problem Solving (exercise)

Problem Solving Discussion Forum

  •     Problem Solving Discussion

Impulse Control

  •     Impulse Control - Objectives
  •     Defining Willpower
  •     Developing your Impulse Control
  •     Amygala Hijacking
  •     Working with your Impulse Control
  •     Impulse Control - Review
  •     Impulse Control Course Notes

Exercise - Impulse Control

  •     Impulse Control (exercise)

Impulse Control Discussion Forum

  •     Impulse Control Discussion

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