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Easy Introduction to French – Everything You Need for Complete Beginners

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This course is for complete beginners, or for people who have forgotten everything they learned back in school!Learn how to speak beautiful and grammatically correct French so that you can be easily understood on your holidays or speaking to French people. Every lecture is accompanied with easy explanations in English.Stop making those silly English errors, and take this easy introduction with a friendly, informal tutor.

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Get rid of any fear or embarrassment about speaking French
Pick up tips and tricks to make learning French a piece of cake
Remember the rules that underpin the French language
You will be able to ask questions in French, and to make yes and no statements
Ideal for absolute beginners!

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What is a verb
Helpful Worksheets: Verbs
Say hi to your fellow students!
Share your new course with your friends!
French Intro to Verbs
French aller avoir etre
Modal Verbs
French Reflexive Verbs

Introducing the Past Tense
Helpful Worksheet: Past Tense
French Passe Compose
How to avoid the most common errors

Nouns & Articles
Helpful Tables: Nouns & Articles
French possessive pronouns
French Articles
French Contracted Articles

Key Parts of Making Sentences
Helpful Table: The Partitif
Key Parts of Making Sentences
How to ask French questions
French Negation
French Partitif

Describing Things
Handout: Describing Things
French first adjectives
French adverbs
French comparative superlatives
French adjectives
Este curso está en español. Traducir al inglés