Electronic Trading and Algorithmic Execution

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Tipología Short course
Lugar New york (Estados Unidos)
Duración 2 Days
Inicio 09/04/2018
  • Short course
  • New york (Estados Unidos)
  • Duración:
    2 Days
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An analysis of the current state of electronic trading in both Equities and Fixed Income markets with a close look at the electronic Foreign Exchange markets.

The first day of the programme looks at the nature of electronic markets and examines different types of orders and algorithmic execution. Day two focuses on electronic market making and the market microstructure, examining both the market risks and regulatory challenges.

Practical workshops allow delegates to explore the implementation of a market making engine.

This course is also available remotely via LFS Live.

Información importante
¿Qué objetivos tiene esta formación?

Gain familiarity with the landscape of electronic markets
Distinguish between different types of exchanges and order types
Learn how to calculate the costs associated with different types of orders in terms of spread and execution certainty
Analyse the various methods of algorithmic execution
Learn how to design a market making engine
Acquire knowledge of the market microstructure and of how to benefit from this
Gain understanding of current regulations with regards to electronic trading

¿Esta formación es para mí?

Quants / Financial engineers
Electronic traders and Book-runners
Algorithmic traders
Execution desks
Sales people
Risk managers

Requisitos: A basic understanding of capital markets and securities trading.

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Inicio Ubicación
09 abr 2018
New York
New York, Estados Unidos
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Inicio 09 abr 2018
New York
New York, Estados Unidos
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Director - Quantitative
Lo mejor: The structure of the course was well organised and had many practical applications included. At the same time that we studied, we entertained ourselves. Course leader is very knowledgeable in the subject matter. Would highly recommend London Financial Studies.
A mejorar: Nothing bad.
Curso realizado: Octubre 2016
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Market Risk Manager
Lo mejor: Although it is only a two-day course, it was very insightful and thorough.
A mejorar: No negative aspects.
Curso realizado: Octubre 2016
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¿Qué aprendes en este curso?

Algorithmic Trading
Fixed Income
Equities Derivatives
Electronic Markets
Electronic Trading
Volume prediction
Electronic risk
Algorithmic Execution


Day One

Electronic Markets
  • Overview of e trading in Equities and Fixed Income
  • Exchanges, ECNs and Dark Pools
  • Principal and agency trading
  • The Limit Order Book
Order Types
  • A comparison of different order types
  • Market Orders and Limit Orders
  • Immediate or Cancel, Fill or Kill, Iceberg Orders
Workshop: Comparing order types – spreads and slippage

Algorithmic Execution
  • A look at various methods of algorithmic execution: VWAP, TWAP, Arrival price
  • Volume prediction
  • Slippage and Information leakage
  • Market impact: temporary or permanent
  • Transaction Cost Analysis
  • Almgren Chriss model for optimal execution
Workshop: Algorithmic execution in practice: how to calculate the real cost and achieve best execution

Day Two

Electronic Market Making
  • Components of a market making engine
  • Price streaming and liquidity
  • Pricing and hedging
  • Measuring electronic risk exposure
  • Grossman Miller model for market making
  • A look at market microstructure
  • Generating Trading Signals
  • Order book imbalance
  • Lead lag, momentum, correlation
Workshop: How to build a trading signal

High Frequency Trading
  • Definitions and examples of HFTs
  • How to build a low latency network
What Can Go Wrong and How to Avoid It
  • Flash crashes
  • The Swiss Franc collapse
  • Knight Capital
Regulation for Electronic Trading
  • Fair and Effective Markets Review
  • Spoofing, layering
  • FX last look
Workshop: How regulation affects markets: last look pricing
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