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The Emotional Intelligence 4 Leadership programme will. increase personal resourcefulness. maintain motivation. enable good communication and the ability to influence others without conflict. improve relationships. avoid unnecessary stress. enhance the reputation within the team and throughout the organisation.
Suitable for: Anyone in a management role within an organisation with leadershapi capacity. Ideal for senior executive development but can also support people who have just been recruited or promoted into a people management role for the first time.

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Requisitos: Support from the organisation and a desire to grow as a leader.


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Emotional Intelligence 4 Leadership is a programme of workshops that can be created within a company to help managers and leaders to progress on a personal and an organisational level.  The workshops can be tailored to run in sequence or can be dipped in and out of depending on the needs of the individual.  Every one of the workshops is delivered by an experienced professional trainer who has actually earned the right, through the hands-on experience, to develop your team.

The Emotional Intelligence 4 Leadership programme is structured to ensure that you get the most appropriate training, structured in the most appropriate way to give you the best return on your investment.

The Emotional Intelligence 4 Leadership programme begins with an overview “Working with Emotional Intelligence” and is then based on workshops around the five key principles of emotional intelligence:

Self awareness – accurate self assessment; knowing one’s inner resources, abilities and limits.

Self regulation – the capacity to recognise one’s own emotions and the impact these feeling have on one’s behaviour.

Motivation – the activation of goal-orientated behaviour.

Empathy – the ability to recognise the concerns of other people and to be able to understand their perspective

Social skills – the facilitation of interaction and communication with others.

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