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IED Barcelona Istituto Europeo di Design.

Summer Course in Fashion Product Management

IED Barcelona Istituto Europeo di Design.
En Barcelona

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¿Quieres hablar con un asesor sobre este curso?

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Tipología Curso
Lugar Barcelona
Duración 2 Semanas
Inicio 13/07/2020
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  • Barcelona
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    2 Semanas
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Language: English

Emagister includes in its training catalog the Summer Course in Fashion Product Management program, taught by IED Barcelona Istituto Europeo di Design. You can train in Fashion product management.

This knowledge will help you as it allows you to develop the understanding and importance of positioning and brand values, such as marketing and communication strategies. You will also learn to combine analysis and creativity. You will also know the phases of a successful, efficient and with quality.

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· ¿Cuáles son los objetivos de este curso?

– Learn to develop a collection strategy, pointing to markets while being creative. – Know and use the necessary tools to implements a product strategy in tune with target and brand positioning; an integral project for a fashion product where the priority will be to define a brand style to set a stand-out position in the market. – Build a collection, its structure, extent and profundity, through sales, competence and trends analysis to develop an optimal collection considering final value, time and costs. – Develop the processes of collections, purchases, providers management and product logistics. – Understand the intervention degree of each actor (design, product, commercialization and communication) to obtain a successful collection. – Qualify students to face real situations in the field of fashion coherently and with a professional attitude

· ¿A quién va dirigido?

This course is addressed to: – Graduates in fashion design and marketing who want to improve their knowledge of fashion products to go into professional industry. – Salespeople, and sales and retail managers, interested in going more deeply into the field of fashion products to enhance their skills and stand out from other professionals. – Creatives from different fields (graphic, interior or product design) attracted by the fashion system and the functioning of collection and interested in broaden and specialise the proposals to be given to their clients. – Product, production and logistics managers, and sales planners, who want to attain a wider vision of fashion and comprehend the creation of collections adapting them to trends and markets at the same time. – Visual managers and agencies looking for a broadening of their product strategic visual, its movement in stores and its adaptation to the needs that users have.

· Requisitos

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The fashion system

  • In this course a 360° view will be given of the world of fashion, taking the product as the focal point.

Trend analysis and styling

  • By analysing different sources (shows, trendy sites, street style, bloggers, films, art, etc.), fashion trends for different seasons and different brands will be forecast in order to develop the students' creative and market-adaptation ability.

Editorialising fashion products

  • A review of the main present-day and historical references in films, music and contemporary life styles as style catalysts and sources of inspiration for editorialised product communication.

Critical history of fashion

  • A journey through the different eras in which cultural movements have produced an iconic style that has lasted over time.

Strategic Area

The market, segmentation and positioning

  • Tools for understanding consumers and how to use the product to make our brand different from the rest.

Strategic marketing

  • An analysis of different brands and the strategies that have made them successes or failures. The keys to building a good brand strategy.

Product strategy

  • Tools for building a product style and collection range that fit the brand strategy.

Efficiency analysis

  • Tools for analyzing the collection's range and the response from the market.

Style codes

  • Exercise in creative product differentiation.

Viewpoint of individuality

  • Analysis of brands from different internal and external viewpoints.

Sustainable fashion products

  • Master class on sustainable fashion products and how brands are incorporating sustainability into their value chain right up to the end consumer.

Technical Area


  • From the idea to the shop: the role of the designer.

Product processes

  • From the idea to the shop, a breakdown of the different stages: preparation, creative phase, pre-industrialization, selection and an analysis of the different roles of the product team.
  • How these roles and processes interconnect in different models of distribution and alternating collections, repeats, replacements and capsules.

Purchasing, logistics and suppliers

  • Purchasing and supplier management to optimise the product for market.
  • Calendars, timing, integration of the specialised chain.

Merchandising plan

  • From the collection grid to the merchandising plan.

Product analysis and guidelines

  • Based on an external and internal analysis, developing a quantitative product structure versus a collection briefing.

Product retailing and product management

  • Category management, sales planning, shipments and rotation.

Product communication

  • The latest fashion product communication techniques and tools.

Project Area

Product mystery shopping

  • A real-life practical exercise analyzing shops using an outline and objectives to deduce the product strategy of the selected brand.

Trends analysis

  • Practical exercise in analyzing trends for a season.

Definition of style

  • A practical exercise in analyzing the style codes of a brand selected by the student.

Strategic product project

  • A project in which a case study brings together all the knowledge acquired during the course. The objective is to develop a 360° product strategy that is totally in line with the brand, communication and distribution strategies.

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