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BLS English, Bury Language School
En Bury St. Edmunds (Inglaterra)

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Lugar Bury st. edmunds (Inglaterra)
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To achieve CEFR level B2 - an international examination via the University of Cambridge - BLS English is an examination centre.
Suitable for: Those serious students busy with work who want to achieve an international qualififcation to prove their level of English.

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Bury St. Edmunds
147 Kings Road, IP33 3DJ, Suffolk, Inglaterra
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Inicio Fechas a elegir
Bury St. Edmunds
147 Kings Road, IP33 3DJ, Suffolk, Inglaterra
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Lo mejor: I’ve met a lot of wonderful people there. Students and teacher, especially Leigh, are helpful and nice. They offer you their help when you have a problem. I had not just a good time with the people, we did international dinners, had trips to many UK cities. Totally recommended!
A mejorar: Nothing.
Curso realizado: Diciembre 2016
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Lo mejor: The family where I worked as Au-pair sent me to Bury St Edmunds because I didn’t know that much English. All the time I have spent at this school was the greatest time I ever had. I made many friends from different countries plus I improved my English skills.
A mejorar: Nothing.
Curso realizado: Noviembre 2016
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Lo mejor: This school has more than 20 years of experience. The atmosphere here is both pleasant and positive with happy students and friendly staff.
A mejorar: Nothing.
Curso realizado: Noviembre 2016
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English Language


FCE/Upper-Intermediate Courses

The FCE syllabus is designed to give students the English skills that are necessary for work and study in the modern world.

The course will include:
Reading Skills
Understanding semi-authentic texts of various kinds (informative and general interest) and deducing meaning through gist, detail and text structure.
Writing Skills
Learning the skills of writing letters (formal and informal), articles, reports and compositions for a given purpose and target readers covering a range of topics.
Listening Skills
Learning the skills of listening for detail and gist in order to understand meaning. You will practise by listening to short extracts and longer monologues. The syllabus includes:
Chats, conversations, discussions, interviews, quizzes, radio plays, transactions, talks, reports, stories, lectures, speeches, public announcements etc.
Speaking Skills
Interacting in conversational English in a variety of contexts; demonstrating this through appropriate control of grammar and vocabulary; discourse management, pronunciation and interactive communication. The syllabus includes:
Introductions, descriptions, comparisons, agreeing, disagreeing, discussing, problem-solving and questioning.
Grammar Skills
• present tense review: simple and continuous
• past simple, continuous and perfect
• future tenses: will, going to and present continuous
• present perfect: simple and continuous (for/since)

• modal verbs: can, could, needn't etc.
• relative clauses: relative and non-relative (which, that etc.)
• conditionals, zero, 1st, 2nd and 3rd
• 'make' versus 'do'
• phrasal verbs
• adjective phrases
• idioms
• linking words: to improve sentence building
• passive voice
• prepositional phrases
• gerunds and infinitives
• word formation: verbs, adjectives, nouns and adverbs
Methodology Our EFL teachers will use modern course books and will focus on exam technique by targeting the key elements through a modern course book and supplementing these with past papers.

Course Facts Minimum student age is 16, average age is 24 Class size maximum 15 Missed classes cannot be rearranged unless agreed in advance with Principal. Students must inform the office in advance if they are unable to attend class.

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