International Master's Degree in Oral Surgery (IMOS) 2021-2024

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Over 80% of clinical practice on patients

IMOS focuses on oral surgery techniques. IMOS provides students with basic and advanced surgery skills in oral surgery. The aim of this programme is to be a comprehensive complement for dentists focused on oral surgery. After graduating from IMOS, students should be able to manage complex oral surgery and clinical cases of implantology. IMOS students will receive a high level of THEORETICAL and practical training in the diagnosis, treatment planning, and surgical management of oral surgical pathology over the three consecutive years. They will also achieve advanced research skills. In the field of implant dentistry, IMOS will not only cover surgical aspects, but also pre-surgical planning, prosthetic guided surgery, and rehabilitation.

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Personal interview: The personal interview will be carried out with the coordinator, director and professors of the Master’s degree. Academic merits will be valued, as will the ability to work in a team and professional experience. Theoretical test: Theory test of multiple choice answers about oral and maxillofacial surgery. English test: This involves reading a text in English and then summarising it. An oral exam (First Certificate level recommended).

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  • Prótesis dental
  • Anestesia
  • Anatomía
  • Histología
  • ATM
  • Implantología
  • Periodoncia
  • Endodoncia
  • Cirugía bucal
  • Cirugía oral
  • Anatomía dental
  • Cirugía general
  • Instrumental quirúrgico
  • Materiales dentales
  • Patología oral
  • Tomografía
  • Cirugía maxilofacial
  • Radiografía
  • Planificación y tratamiento del edentulismo mediante implantes dentales
  • Tomografía computerizada
  • Técnicas avanzadas en cirugía preprotésica y periodoncia
  • Aprender a realizar diagnósticos diferenciales de lesiones intraorales
  • Tratamiento de lesiones periapicale
  • Tratamiento de lesiones quísticas
  • Tratamiento de litiasis
  • Fracturas dentoalveolares
  • Extracción de piezas dentales
  • Biopsiar lesiones intraorales
  • Preprotésica y periodoncia
  • Diagnosticar lesiones intraorales
  • Tomografía de haz cónico
  • Radiografía convencional
  • Presentaciones científicas en público
  • Tratamiento de frenillo
  • Presentar y debatir casos clínicos


Profesores Especializados

Profesores Especializados




The programme of the International Master’s Degree in Oral Surgery is divided involves three parts: theoretical, practical and research.

The theoretical programme is organised into cross-disciplinary subjects; oral and maxillofacial medical and surgical seminars, literature review sessions, clinical sessions, periodontal surgical seminars and invited lectures and sessions.

Theoretical programme

Oral Surgery and Maxillofacial Basics

Introduction to oral and maxillofacial surgical pathology.

Medical history in oral surgery.

Preoperative studies.

Local anaesthesia, sedation and general anaesthesia.

Disinfection and sterilisation.

Surgical field preparation.

Instruments and materials in oral surgery.

Postoperative care and medication.

Basic surgical technique: Incisions and flaps.

Dental Eruption Alterations: Complex Dental Extractions

Introduction to eruption alterations.

Third molar eruption pathology.

Canine eruption pathology.

Other dental inclusions.

Supernumerary teeth.

Complex dental extractions.

Dental extraction complications.

Infection Pathology

Focal infections.

Systemic infections: Local infections.

Universitat Internacional de Catalunya

Faculty of Dentistry

International Master's Degree in Oral Surgery


Soft Tissue Pathology

Oral mucosa pathologies: Classification, diagnosis and treatment.

Soft tissue surgery.


Buccal frenulum surgery.

Cyst and Tumour Pathology

Maxillary cysts: Classification, diagnosis and treatment.

Periapical surgery.

Benign tumours of the oral cavity.

Malignant tumours of the oral cavity.

Squamous carcinoma of the oral cavity and pharynx.

Oral surgery in the irradiated patient.

Endodontic Essentials

Pulp anatomy and physiopathology.

Endodontic treatment basics.

Endodontic treatment in necrotic teeth.

Endodontic treatment in periapical lesions.

Endodontic treatment planning. Case discussion.

Dental Implants

Introduction and principles of dental implants.

Dental implant surface, design and biomechanics, bone anatomy and histology. Osseointegration: Image diagnosis in dental implantology.

Surgical technique in dental implants.

Oral pathology and dental implants in paediatric patients.

Guided surgery.

Guided bone regeneration.

Bone regeneration with extraoral autogenous grafts.

Dental implants and bisphosphonates.

Short implants.

Post extraction implants.

Maxillary sinus lift: Lateral and crestal approach, split crest technique in horizontal bone atrophy. Dental implants in anatomic arbotants: Zygomatic implants and pterygoid implants. Dental implant complications.

New paradigms in reconstructive and pre-prosthetic surgery.

Universitat Internacional de Catalunya

Faculty of Dentistry

International Master's Degree in Oral Surgery


Salivary Glands Pathology, Buccofacial traumatology and cranio-facial development pathology.

Diagnostic and therapeutic basic concepts.

Practical Programme

Our learning model is based on ensuring our students can achieve a high academic level. Therefore, clinical practice with patients is essential to gain a high level of expertise. What makes our Postgraduate courses stand out is the Clinical Practice with Patients. Surgical Clinical Practice in the CUO (University Dental Clinic) Prosthodontic Clinical Practice in the CUO (University Dental Clinic) our prosthodontics laboratory, hospital practice, and placements in other Universities are other advantages we offer.

The practical programme includes activities in the Oral Surgery Department, Prosthodontics Department and Periodontics Department in the University Clinic, as well prosthodontic laboratory work on Monday afternoons. Finally, internships will take place in one medical centre outside the university, on Mondays and Tuesdays mornings and afternoons, during the first, second and third year of the master's degree. Due to the work UIC Barcelona undertakes with European and American universities, second and third year’s students will have the opportunity to visit other departments in national and international universities.

Practical surgical activities in the university clinic will take place on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursday afternoons, throughout the programme. Postgraduate students will perform all oral surgical treatments and surgical implant treatments under the supervision of a professor/lecturer. Initially, during the first year of the programme the student will assist second and third year’s

students. Later on, they will start performing easy surgical interventions, with help from a more experienced student and always under the supervision of a professor/lecturer. Depending on the individual evolutions of each student’s learning curve, they will be allowed to treat more advanced cases or not.

Prosthodontic practice will be carried out on Friday mornings during the third year of the programme, for pre-surgical planning in all implant cases and this way students will achieve a good knowledge of prosthodontic rehabilitation in dental implant treatments.

Universitat Internacional de Catalunya

Faculty of Dentistry

International Master's Degree in Oral Surgery


The prosthodontic laboratory: during the first year of the programme, students will go to the lab on Monday afternoons to learn the basic procedure for creating the implant retained denture.

Placements in other universities

During the second and third year of the programme, those students considered to be the best, based on strict criteria, will be offered a placement in the Oral Surgery Department of a national or international University.

Courses and conferences

Students must attend and present at least three papers. To do this, they will be able to choose out of the following conferences over the course of the 3-year master’s programme: SECIB, SECOM, SEPA, SEPES.

During the Master’s programme, students must also present a paper at one of the following international conferences: EAO, Europerio, EFOSS or SECOM .

Anaesthesia Seminar on Managing Patients with Special Needs Organised by the Anaesthesia Department in the General Hospital of Catalonia. Dr Pilar Mula, a physician specialising in Anesthesiology and Recovery, will be responsible for this seminar that will take place during the session on Clinical Internships in Surgical Techniques, a basic Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) seminar.

Dr Pilar Mula will take part as lead professor and will receive assistance from Clinical Internships in Surgical Techniques staff.

CPR Course

Cardiovascular diseases are a major public health problem. Most unnecessary deaths are caused by coronary diseases and often happen in out-of-hospital settings. For this reason providing training to the general population is encouraged, not only people directly related to the healthcare field, since they can play a crucial role as primary healthcare assistants. The training programme will be given by an instructor from the Catalan Resuscitation Council (CCR) and will include the content stipulated for official BLS-AED training.

Students who successfully pass the course will receive a BLS-AED official training certificate, issued by the Catalan Resuscitation Council (CCR).

Universitat Internacional de Catalunya

Faculty of Dentistry

International Master's Degree in Oral Surgery


Nitrous Oxide Course

This programme offers an insight into nitrous oxide sedation dentistry methods and cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Clinical pharmacology medical gas concepts will be reviewed, as well as cardiopulmonary resuscitation practice, the use of defibrillators and conscious nitrous oxide sedation equipment management. The aim of this course on nitrous oxide is for students to take significant steps towards improving the quality of the treatment and to do so with confidence.

Learning results

• Surgical techniques for tooth extractions: roots, wisdom teeth, unerupted teeth. • Diagnosis, planning and treatment of edentulism with dental implants.

• To become familiar with oral rehabilitation treatments with dental implants. To know how to do the diagnose and planning clinical cases from surgery to prosthetics.

• Pre-prosthetics and periodontics advanced surgery techniques.

• To know how to perform differential diagnosis of intraoral lesions.

• To know how to do biopsies in intraoral lesions.

• To learn how to do a differential diagnosis of X-ray images in conventional radiology, CT scans and cone beam CT scans.

• Treatment of maxillary cystic pathologies.

• Surgical treatment of periapical lesions.

• Frenulum surgical treatment (labial and lingual).

• Salivary lithiasis treatment in the Wharton conduct.

• Treatment and diagnosis of dentoalveolar fractures.

• To learn to present and debate clinical cases.

• To improve their public speaking skills.

• To know the steps in order to make a correct presentation of the doctoral thesis. • To present a final master’s degree project (FMDP).

To be eligible for a Master’s Degree Qualification, students must pass the exam provided annually by the Academy of Osseointegration.

Información adicional

UIC Barcelona believes that clinical practice with patients is crucial for training high-level professionals.   
The University Dental Clinic is located on university grounds and has: − 88 booths equipped with state-of-the-art dental technology: • 80 general booths. • 2 booths for special patient care. • 6 surgical booths.  
5 laboratories
3 radiology and 3D units for complementary tests with planning programmes for both implantology and prosthetics, which give students hands-on experience with the latest technologies.  
Units equipped for live broadcasting of surgical interventions.   
2 diagnostic imaging rooms for taking panoramic dental X-rays and latero-lateral and posterior-anterior teleradiographies, periapical radiographs and CBCT scans.  
Treatment planning room.   
Smart storage room for delivery and collection of material.  
Sterilisation unit for medical materials and instruments.  
Administrative control software for patients and students.  
UIC Barcelona has signed several RDI agreements with manufacturers to strengthen ties between the University and industry.

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International Master's Degree in Oral Surgery (IMOS) 2021-2024

79.356 € IVA inc.