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Tipología Short course
Nivel Intermediate
Lugar London (England)
Duración 1
Inicio 28/01/2019
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  • Short course
  • Intermediate
  • London (England)
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Learn to use legal knowledge to articulate and put new legislation into practice with this Law-making Course, imparted by London Corporate Training, that presents as part of its educational catalogue.

The programme aims to give its participants the needed tools to identify the role of law in solving policy challenges. By the end of the course, delegates will be able to influence the development of policy through legal innovation, to overcome obstacles to turning policy into legislation, and to describe the process of making new laws.

If you want to be part of this training, please ask for further information to the centre through You won't regret it!

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• Departmental Policy makers in the public service
• Senior Managers and Government personnel responsible for turning policy into legislation
• Officials who instruct Parliamentary draftsmen
• Assistants to legislators involved in creating draft legislation
• Members of parliament, senators and assembly members
• Legal advisors and practitioners from both public and private sectors
• Corporate advisors concerned with influencing the creation of new legislation
• Public affairs professionals

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Inicio Ubicación
28 ene 2019
16 sep 2019
3 Shortlands, Hammersmith, London, W6 8DA, London, England
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Inicio 28 ene 2019
16 sep 2019
3 Shortlands, Hammersmith, London, W6 8DA, London, England
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Kate Abbeo
Lo mejor: Very satisfied with the service delivery. I am leaving LCT satisfied because a skills gap has been brilliantly filled by the trainer.
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Curso realizado: Octubre 2016
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Khalid M. Almaney
Lo mejor: I have learned much from this course. The trainers were very informative and helpful, and the course materials have covered various legal issues. I enjoyed the court visit too - it was insightful to experience how the UK system works. Last but not least, thanks for all the staff working at LCT.
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Curso realizado: Octubre 2016
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Samuel Aseidu
Lo mejor: I have had a good experience with the presenters and the facilitators and wish to return to LCT again.
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Curso realizado: Noviembre 2016
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Contract Law
IT Law
Criminal law
Policy Making
Government Systems
Law Making
Common Law System
Napoleonic Code
Draft Bill


Introduction to Law Making

·Sources and Origins of Law

·Types of Law

·The Common Law system

·Continental legal systems and the Napoleonic Code

·Law and the constitution

·Key legal principles examined from English criminal law, law of torts, contract law


The Law Makers Government Systems Compared

·Institutions of government

·Separation of powers

·Role of the Judiciary

·How the Legislature functions

·The Westminster model

·The presidential system

·Scrutiny of the Law Makers


Effective Policy Making

·What is policy?

·Sources of policy

·Role and responsibilities in policy making

·Setting policy priorities

·The process of turning policy into new laws

·Gaining buy-in to legal change


The Law Making Process

·From policy to the draft Bill

·Who does what in making legislation?

·Stages of the process

·Legislative timetables

·Assessing regulatory impact

·How the Bill team functions


Getting Results with Law-Making

·Constraints on the process of making laws

·Amending and developing the law

·Compliance and enforcement

·Avoidance and evasion

·Is legal compliance voluntary?

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