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Start 29/10/2018
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Leadership Essentials identifies several of the skill sets that great leaders possess. Through engaging lectures delivered by Columbia Business School faculty, dynamic discussions with colleagues and hands-on workshops, participants explore the most crucial areas of leadership.

After just two days, participants emerge from the program with fresh insights into how to be better decision makers, leaders of people and groups, and agents of organizational change.

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You must have one of the following qualification levels to take this course: Bachelor's Degree, Professional Diploma, Masters , Doctoral Degree (PhD)

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29 oct 2018
New York City
3022 Broadway, New York, Estados Unidos
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Starts 29 oct 2018
New York City
3022 Broadway, New York, Estados Unidos
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Reviews on this course

Tina Biswas
What I would highlight: Leadership Essentials is a crash course in the most relevant topics that can immediately impact your leadership style. I took away tools that can help me as a professional, a non-profit board member, a Girl Scout troop leader, and as a parent.
What could be improved: Nothing
Course taken: Agosto 2017
Would you recommend this centre?: yes
Rajesh Pandey
What I would highlight: Well researched program that anyone can take and apply to kick-start the leadership learning.
What could be improved: .
Course taken: Mayo 2017
Would you recommend this centre?: yes
Felipe Quiroga
What I would highlight: It's a great way to stop and think. It helps you gain awareness of what things can be done to become a better leader.
What could be improved: Nothing
Course taken: Febrero 2017
Would you recommend this centre?: yes
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What you'll learn on the course

Team Building
Team Leader
Team Performance
Management Planning
Management Control
Team management
Management Control
Strategy Formulation

Course programme

Program Structure

The two-day program consists of four, tightly connected half-day sessions:

I. Leadership Styles and Emotional Intelligence– Day 1, Session 1

Key questions

What are the different styles of leadership, and when is it appropriate to exercise one rather than another?What role does emotional intelligence (or EQ) play in enacting the different forms of leadership?

II. Leadership Styles and Managing Change– Day 1, Session 2

Key questions

What are the key action steps needed to plan and implement change?What do you think you do well versus not so well when it comes to planning and implementing change?What leadership style makes people more likely to embrace rather than resist change?What makes it hard for agents of change to adopt a style that makes others embrace rather than resist change?What can be done to overcome the obstacles alluded to in the preceding question?

III. Leadership and Group Dynamics– Day 2, Session 1

Key questions

Why do some groups work together effectively, while other groups seem to struggle?How does “who you are” influence the type of roles that you take on in a group?What climate do you create for groups that you lead?How can you motivate your team to take more risk and responsibility?

IV. Leadership and Personality– Day 2, Session 2

Key questions

How much of your leadership behavior is driven by your environment?How much of your leadership behavior is driven by your own preferences?How can you learn about others preferences in order to more effectively lead, manage, and collaborate?
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