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Leading the Agile Organization

Columbia Business School Executive Education
En New York City (USA)
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Inicio 25/02/2020
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Emagister has added to this catalogue the "Leading the Agile Organization" meticulously designed by Columbia Business School Executive.

Thanks to this intensive formation you will learn to be responsive and proactively address the gap between strategy and execution. The aim is for students to achieve this agility, organizations require leaders who are perceptive and comfortable with their various roles.

In this program, you will learn more about these key skills and acquire the mindsets vital to leading an agile and adaptive organization. You will improve your ability to confidently make hard-to-reverse choices.

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¿Qué objetivos tiene esta formación?

This program will help you become a strategic leader who inspires and motivates others to take risky, time-sensitive actions in pursuit of valuable goals. Program participants will walk away knowing how to:

Foster agility at the leadership, resource, organizational, and strategic levels
Build confidence and competence to drive results and accountability
Link strategy directly to action, using both dominant and ambidextrous capabilities
Leverage culture and data to be adaptive; making timely adjustments in key behaviors
Test power dynamics and learn effective communications techniques

¿Esta formación es para mí?

This program is designed for:

Leaders of departments and divisions
Senior decision makers in growth-focused firms
Aspiring leaders for whom uncertainty and complexity pose obstacles to advancement
Managers seeking to support their teams to outperform rivals and delight customers
Team leaders and individuals tasked with ambitious performance goals

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Inicio Ubicación
25 feb 2020
01 sept 2020
New York City
3022 Broadway, NY 10027, New York, USA
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Inicio 25 feb 2020
01 sept 2020
New York City
3022 Broadway, NY 10027, New York, USA
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¿Qué aprendes en este curso?

Stakeholder Management
Coaching Skills
Communication Skills
Organizational Skills
Leadership Styles
leadership development
Effective strategy
Comprehensive Management
Organizational Transformation



The three-day program is structured around the 6 key capabilities demonstrated by leaders of agile organizations.

Day 1: Agile and Aware
  • Agile – Maneuver through uncertainty and be a more responsive leader.
  • Aware – Become aware of changes in situations, circumstances, and relationships and be unbiased and clear-sighted about personal and organizational feedback.
Day 2: Adaptive and Articulate
  • Adaptive – Find, recognize, and use incoming information to update assumptions and adjust behaviors.
  • Articulate – Communicate effectively with multiple stakeholders in text, symbols, actions, and other means and paint a clear picture of what is happening and what needs to be done — in a language the target audience can understand.
Day 3: Accountable and Ambidextrous
  • Accountable – Set targets with clear consequences for gaps between desired and actual performance.
  • Ambidextrous – Develop strength in areas other than your dominant processes and have the ability to support multiple different processes when appropriate.
The program features:
  • Pre-program materials, including a selection of relevant readings and videos
  • Comprehensive Coaching:
    • Preprogram: a one-hour virtual coaching session with your leadership coach
    • In Session: onsite coaching with your leadership coach
    • Postprogram: a virtual follow-up four weeks after the program concludes
  • An online self-assessment and debrief report
  • A suite of cases and challenges used as a focus for program exercises and application of program concepts
  • An optional follow-up webinar featuring a review of the agility framework

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