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Typology Course
Methodology Online
Class hours 50h
Duration 45 Days
Start Different dates available
Online campus Yes
Delivery of study materials Yes
Support service Yes
  • Course
  • Online
  • 50h
  • Duration:
    45 Days
  • Start:
    Different dates available
  • Online campus
  • Delivery of study materials
  • Support service

“View but her face, and in that little round you may observe a world of variety"". John Ford

Did you know that a successful makeup artist can earn up to $100,000 per year and that the expected market growth is 13%, with 83,300 jobs expected to open before 2022?

And that the career opportunities are nearly endless? Whether you want to freelance at weddings, work in TV or cinema, in a beauty salon, become a writer or even a youtuber - the opportunities are enormous.

It's a fantastic and rewarding career where you get to make others look and feel beautiful and get paid to do so. And the best part is that you can easily adapt it to the lifestyle that best suits you.

If becoming a makeup artist is the career you've been dreaming about, then this course is the perfect foundation for you.

Learn professional makeup artistry with this comprehensive course on makeup.

Important information
What are the course objectives?

You'll develop a firm understanding of:

Face shapes
Skin tones
Facial Features (which are incredibly important for a makeup artist at any level)
Contouring makeup
Choosing eye makeup shades
Picking colors
How to accent, highlight, and enhance the face
Different types of products, tools, makeup brushes, and how to utilize them
Information on skin care routines and best practices will help you keep skin healthy and beautiful
How to build your makeup kit (for beginners and for advanced makeup artists)
The best makeup tips for makeup application, removal, and more

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Reviews on this course

Marcia Stephens
What I would highlight: I could pick up a comprehension of how to be an expert make up craftsman in the field. The data was on pattern and breakthrough. I delighted in finding out about how to make ladies of various ages look lovely with the changed styles of make up required through the ages. I likewise preferred that you gave some data on men's make up inside the wedding area. I delighted in the comfort of learning on the web and it was with everything taken into account as a positive ordeal.
What could be improved: Nothing bad.
Course taken: Febrero 2018
Would you recommend this centre?: yes
Sarsha Taylor
What I would highlight: I picked Trendimi due to the simplicity and ease of finishing course now and again that were helpful to me. I learned diverse sorts of make up for various skin sorts, events, ages, facial elements and numerous accommodating tips. I preferred being able to download the digital book to utilize while taking the course. The activities and instructional recordings and pictures were likewise useful.
What could be improved: Nothing bad.
Course taken: Febrero 2018
Would you recommend this centre?: yes
Jennifer Adriene Burks
What I would highlight: I appreciate being able to finish coursework at my own particular pace. The courses have an assortment of components including study modules, activities and exams. There are numerous visual cases, for example, recordings, pictures and delineations. I am extremely contented with the courses and my family, companions and associates all concur that my Makeup Artistry, Personal Image and Personal Shopping aptitudes have enhanced since finishing the courses.
What could be improved: Nothing bad.
Course taken: Noviembre 2016
Would you recommend this centre?: yes
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What you'll learn on the course

Skin Care
Make up artist
Beauty Treatments
Skin lightening
Beauty Therapy
Beauty expert

Course programme

Module 1 : Skin Types
Normal skin
Combination skin
Dry skin
Oily skin
Sensitive skin
Determining skin type
Make-up removal
Skin care
Skin care - Video tutorial

Module 2 : Contouring
Skin tones and undertones
Color correctors
Contouring, highlighting and strobing
Contouring techniques - Video tutorial
Different face shapes and enhancement techniques
Round face
Oblong face
Square face
Rectangular face
Triangular face
Tips and tricks

Module 3 : Tools
Introduction to tools
Brushes: natural vs. synthetic
Brush types Products

Module 4 : Foundations and Corrections
Correct blemishes - Video tutorial
Foundations and Corrections - Video tutorial
Types and textures
How to choose a Foundation - Video tutorial
Make-up allergy testing
Correcting problem skin
Choosing foundation to suit skin tone
Color Wheel
Complementary Colors
Complementary and Opposite Colors Chart

Module 5 : Color
Identifying the correct color palette
Personal Color Analysis
  Eye color
  Skin tones
  Hair tones

Module 6 : Eye Make-up
Applying Eye Make-up to suit Eye Shapes:
  Monolid eyes  
  Hooded eyes
  Upturned eyes
  Downturned eyes
  Round eyes
  Almond eyes
  Sunken eyes
  Close-set eyes
  Wide-set eyes
  Trendimi Eye Make-up – Video tutorial
  How to apply eyeliner – Video tutorial
  How to use an eyelash curler – Video tutorial

Module 7 : Eyebrow Grooming
Eyebrows in general
Corrections for eyebrows
Eyebrow make-up - Video tutorial
Perfectly defined eyebrows

Module 8 :Lip
Make-up Introduction
Types of lip products
Lip types
How to determine lipstick shades
Lip make-up – Video tutorial

Module 9 : Make-up Styles
Make-up for daytime
Make-up for daytime – Video tutorial
Make-up for afternoon
Make-up for afternoon – Video tutorial
Make-up for evening and parties
Make-up for evening and parties – Video tutorial
Smoky eyes
Smoky eyes – Video tutorial
Nude make-up
Nude make-up – Video tutorial
Bridal make-up
Bridal make-up – Video tutorial
Make-up for Men
Make-up for Men – Video tutorial

Module 10: False eyelashes and eyelash extensions
Types of false lashes
Practical use of false lashes
Attaching false eyelashes
How to add false eyelashes – Video tutorial
Removing false eyelashes
Introduction to eyelash extensions
Kit required for eyelash extensions
Step-by-step attachment of extensions
Customer tips
Maintenance sessions

Module 11: Make-up for different ages
Women in their 20s
Women in their 20s – Video tutorial
Women in their 30s
Women in their 30s – Video tutorial
Women in their 40s
Women in their 40s – Video tutorial
Women in their 50s
Women in their 50s – Video tutorial
Women over 60
Women over 60 – Video tutorial
Make-up mistakes that can age

Module 12: Health and safety
Cleaning and hygiene
Stocking up
Good practices for prevention of infection and contagion

Module 13: Creating your make-up kit
Personal kit
The basic professional kit
The complete professional kit
Make-up kit – Video tutorial
Typical make-up kit pricing
Trendimi’s recommended products
Preparation products
Disposables Tools of the trade
Make-up products
Make-up brushes

Module 14: Getting Started
The Importance of having a License
Staying on Top of Beauty Trends
Getting your Make-up Career off the ground
Research before you begin
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