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¿Quieres hablar con un asesor sobre este curso?
¿Quieres hablar con un asesor sobre este curso?

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In a world increasingly threatened by complex and rapid urbanisation and environmental, climatic and socio-economic change, this programme was created to meet the city practitioners' need to better understand and frame integrated strategies when implementing urban resilience policies and projects. At the same time, resilience is being addressed by different disciplines and from a wide range of perspectives, which sometime conflict in their meanings, approaches and methods, leading to a fragmented and confused framing of urban resilience. This master's programme provides the necessary interdisciplinary bridges, linking an integrated perspective on urban resilience to the management tools needed to design and implement city resilience.

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Immaculada, 22, 08017, Barcelona, España
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Immaculada, 22, 08017, Barcelona, España
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Visit Transition Initiatives
Academic writing
Transition Movement
Economic Resilience
Environmental Change
Built Environment Resilience
Environmental design
Global Urban


1. LecturesMOD Theory – Conceptual Framing: Vulnerability, Resilience and Sustainability
  1. Global Urban and Environmental Change
  2. Urban Risk and Vulnerability Assessments
  3. Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Urban Resilience
  4. From Security and Risk Management to Integrated Urban Resilience Thinking
MOD Perspective 1 – Built Environment Resilience
  1. Critical Infrastructures: Interdependency, Planning and Management
  2. Planning and Design for Climate Resilience
  3. Build Back Better in Post-Disaster Reconstruction
  4. G.I.S. Course: Understanding and Creating Maps
  5. Visit Barcelona: Flooding Resilience Underground Rainwater Retention Deposits
MOD Perspective 2 – Resilience and Nature Based Solutions
  1. Urban Ecosystem Services/Disservices and Nature Based Solution (NBS) Frameworks
  2. Coastal City Challenges and NBS
  3. Calculating Urban Ecosystem Services Benefits
  4. Visit Barcelona: Green Infrastructures and Community Gardens
MOD Perspective 3 – Economy and Urban Services Resilience
  1. Economic Resilience: Growth, Diversification, Globalisation and Shrinkage Processes
  2. Emergency and Post-Emergency Recovery Management
  3. Urban Services Continuity and Co-Management Policies
  4. Smart City Dashboard and Real-Time Management of City Services
  5. Visit Barcelona: Energy Co-Production Cooperative and Co-Management of Public Spaces
MOD Perspective 4 – Community Resilience for Sustainability Transitions
  1. Migration, Inclusiveness and Participatory Planning
  2. Community-Led Initiatives and the Transition Movement
  3. Social Justice and Climate/Disaster Resilience
  4. Fuzzy Cognitive Mapping: Understanding Stakeholder Perceptions
  5. Visit Barcelona: Community Gardens and Transition Initiatives
MOD Implementation – Resilience Implementation and Governance
  1. Urban Resilience Frameworks, Networks, Leadership, Insurance and Governance Models
  2. Urban Resilience World ATLAS: Workshop and case studies on resilience implementation challenges from different parts of the world
  3. Barcelona Workshop: Students involved in a specific project in collaboration with local stakeholders to address critical challenges for city resilience
MOD Barcelona City Resilience LAB
  1. Visit Flood Resilience Infrastructures
  2. Visit Green Infrastructures
  3. Visit Energy Co-Production Cooperative
  4. Visit Transition Initiatives
  5. BCN Local Workshop
MOD TECH - Tools and technical skills
  1. Research Design & Academic Writing
  2. Geogr. Information Systems (Software)
  3. Urban Ecosystem Measuring Services (Software)
  4. Smart Cities Tools (Platforms)
  5. Fuzzy Cognitive Mapping and Social Networks Analysis (Software)
2. End of master's degree project
3. Work placement