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Master In European Studies – Community Advisor And Project Consultant

European Desk Of The Belgian-italian Chamber Of Commerce
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Tipología Master
Lugar Bélgica (Bélgica)
Horas lectivas 440h
  • Master
  • Bélgica (Bélgica)
  • 440h

Objetivo del curso: It teaches European planning to young people, enabling them to design and manage quality projects, which follow the guidelines of the European Commission. The past editions, which were a great success, have been a real springboard for those who wanted to build their career in the field of project building, management and lobbying at European level.
Dirigido a: Estos estudios están pensados para aquellas personas interesadas en comprender, profundizar y experimentar Europa. Se trata de un curso post-universitario, que permite a 40 jóvenes licenciados la posibilidad de adquirir una excelente formación multidisciplinar necesaria para ejercer una actividad como consultor y experto en gestión y elaboración de proyectos europeos.

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Matteo Lazzarini, 1060, Bélgica, Bélgica
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Matteo Lazzarini, 1060, Bélgica, Bélgica

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Degree, fluency in English.

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Certificado de asistencia otorgado por European Desk Of The Belgian-italian Chamber Of Commerce

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6th Edition: 17 September – 14 December 2007

Module I: The European construction and community policies
Organized by the Institute of European Studies of the “Université libre de Bruxelles”

During this first theoretical part, the topic of European construction will be analysed from an historical, juridical and economic point of view. The main Community policies and European strategies will be examined in the light of the monetary agreement and of the Community’s enlargement. The lectures will be held in English (Historical and political foundations of the European Union; Internal policies of the European Union; EU legal order; External action of the European Union; Criminal cooperation and Human rights in the EU; Asylum and immigration in the EU; The EU, the media and public opinion.)

Module II: Successful EU projects: design and management

The second section focuses on learning the mechanisms, tools and criteria on how to design and manage successful EU funded projects.

This section will provide an overview of the EU programmes for funding at a centralized and decentralized level, and inculcate in the students the objectives, mechanisms and methods for locating the calls with different types of funding. The student will also learn, with the support of case studies and interactive workshops, how to design a successful EU project. The Seminars and the practical planning activities will be held in English by Community Advisors who have years of experience in planning, advising and technical assistance.

Module III: European Institutions, advisors and lobbyists, programming details

The Seminars held at the European Parliament, the European Council and the European Commission will allow the participant to get closer to the Community’s Institutions and enable him/her to better understand their functioning. A whole day will be dedicated to a tour in Luxemburg for a seminar at the European Investment Bank.

Meetings with experts, advisors and lobbyists who work in Brussels will also help the students to get a more concrete idea of the work in European public affairs and of lobbying activities. They will meet for example representatives from Ernst&Young, the Youth Forum, the European Atomic Forum, Espace Interrégional européen Bretagne - Pays. de la Loire - Poitou-Charentes, Confederazione Nazionale dell'Artigianato e della Piccola e Media Impresa (CNA), Deloitte and Touche, etc.

Jobs and traineeship placements

Thanks to its professional-oriented structure, the Master has been a real springboard for those who want to get a first experience in project building/management and lobbying at European level or, who wish to strengthen their competencies in this field. During the Second and the Third module, the students meet European experts, advisors and lobbyists, and are thus rapidly able to build contacts with a view to post-master prospects (jobs and traineeships). Students of the last Master edition have received various offers from different employers among who figure Ernst&Young, Members of the European parliament, United Nation Environment Programme, ERRIN (European Regions Research and Innovation Network), ERISA (European Regional Information Society Network), EU representation offices of Unioncamere Lombardia, Veneto region, etc.

Moreover, in 2007, a job link service was created in order to bring support to the students in their search for a traineeship or an employment. This service provides them with advice for application and CV writing. Through the service, the students also receive job and traineeship offers from organisations that are interested in their profile through the intermediary of the Chamber of Commerce’s Europeandesk, as well as contact lists for self-presentations.

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Convalidaciones: The European Desk of the Belgian-Italian Chamber of Commerce, the Institute of European Studies of the Université libre de Bruxelles
Alumnos por clase: 40

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