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The Master of Business Administration - Major in Project & Operations Management program is designed to provide you the practical skills and theoretical concepts you need to lead complex projects.

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Featuring real-world case studies, this project management degree presents techniques and tools for managing long- and short-term projects, successfully and cost effectively.
Augmenting the core project management courses are concentrations that provide you with content-specific expertise—enabling you to deepen your knowledge in your field of interest. Further will provide you with a thorough grounding in the theory and application of the various concepts that form the basis of Operations Management (OM).The Master of Business Administration - Major in Project & Operations Management Program is a unique program developed based on the knowledge related to quality management encompassing areas of Project, Operations & Quality Improvement Tools & Methods.
Leverage on project & operations management strengthens weaknesses that exist in the management and operational system of an organization. Skills and knowledge in project & operations management assist to formulate the counter measures relevant to eliminate the weakness within any organization. 

This program is developed to prepare competent quality consultants, analysts, product or service managers, project leaders, business developers, or operations, information technology and supply chain managers in the job market. At GBS, this program is further strengthened by collaborating with Lincoln University of Business & Management, where a mixture of academics and industrial experts will be integrated in the teaching and learning process. The involvement of Quality Operation Experts from relevant industry in the development of the learning materials and in the teaching process will further enhanced this area of study especially in the current higher educational arena which prepares graduates relevant to the competencies expected by employers.
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