Learn how to manage stress with mindfulness

Mindfulness Masterclass

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Horas lectivas 30h
Duración 45 Days
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    45 Days
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The average human spends about 47% of waking hours thinking about things, and primarily things that could go wrong according to a study published by Harvard University. Spending nearly half of our lives worrying about what can go wrong may be extremely common, but it has negative affects to our well being, happiness, and ability to enjoy the moment.

Mindfulness is the concept of living in the present, without those distracting thoughts, and without worrying about the future, except in cases where it is actually helpful to do so. Mindfulness is also ancient, it’s been practiced for thousands of years in Buddhism and was brought to the west by Jon Kabat-Zinn in the 1970s. Today, mindfulness is a practice used by psychologists, doctors, and therapists, to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression.

This course will teach you to master mindfulness so you can begin integrating mindful practices into your daily life, to reduce stress, to increase happiness, and to ensure that you're living every day to its fullest. Living in the moment has proven health benefits, and not only helps you to live a better life, but also helps you to live a more productive one. Mindfulness aids concentration, can improve sleep, and increase memory retention, not just because you're paying attention when you're mindful, but also because of reduced stress.

Mindfulness is not only an ancient practice; it's also medically accepted as having results. An ICM survey of 250 general practitioners in the UK showed the following:

72% of GP's think patients would benefit from mindfulness
66% of GP's would support a public information campaign on mindfulness
64% of GP's expressed interest in learning mindfulness skills themselves

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This course is ideal for anyone who wants to get started with mindfulness but isn't sure where to begin. This course will take you from the start, and lead you through the knowledge and techniques you will need to apply mindfulness to your daily life. You will learn how to use mindfulness, including meditation, thought analysis, stress reduction, and learn how to increase happiness. You'll also learn simple exercises to reduce stress, recognize anxiety, and learn to stop harmful thoughts in their tracks.

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Stress Management
Stress and Anxiety
Body Treatment


Module 1 : What is Mindfulness
Introducing Mindfulness
How Being Present Reduces Stress
The Health Benefits of Living Mindfully
How Mindfulness Affects Your Life
Getting Started with Meditation
Living in the Present

Module 2 : Reducing Stress
How Stress Affects our Lives
Mindfulness and Stress Acceptance
Identifying Stress Factors In Your Life
A 10 Minute Stress Reducing Exercise
Recognizing and Controlling Anxiety

Module 3 : Cultivating Happiness
Mindfulness and Happiness
Switching Off
Practicing Gratitude
Environment, Influences, and Energy
Stop & Redirect Unhappy Thoughts
Training Yourself to Be Happy

Module 4 : Mindfulness Practices
The Science of Mindfulness
Letting Go and Thought Analysis

Module 5 : Introducing Mindfulness Into Your Daily Life
Switched on Mindfulness
A Set Time for Mindfulness
Understanding Moods and Emotions
Understanding Automatic Thought
Mindfulness in Actions
Mindfulness on Autopilot
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