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Bring people together in meaningful ways as a networking event organizer!
During this course, you will learn practical lessons about organization that can be re-applied to your career as an event planner. More importantly, you have the opportunity to pick the brain of those who have done it all before you.

You can take these principles and use them to build yourself a solid foundation in networking event organization; however, you are also encouraged to use this information and make it your own. The best networking events are the most personal ones. With EventTrix, you will learn how to use the essential principles of organization to create a uniquely personal event that guests will clear their calendars to attend.

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¿Qué objetivos tiene esta formación?

When you learn more about what it takes to build a successful networking event, you will:

Learn about different types of networking events
Learn about the importance of networking in the business world
Understandwhat it means to make connections
Learn how to organize your event to encourage attendance and communication

When you study the Networking Event Organizer course with EventTrix, you will:

Be a communicative and helpful host
Facilitate business connections in the community and online
Measure your success and develop a powerful reputation
Build legacy events that your guests tell their friends about

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Event Management
Communication Skills
Social Media
Networking Events Organiser
Online Networking
Post-Event Follow-Up


Module 1: Networking Events

Different Types of Networking Events
Formal Networking Events
Industry- Specific Networking Events
Informal and Social Networking Events
Creating Your Own Group & Online Networking

Module 2: The Planning Process

Sending Invitations
Choosing a Venue and Planning a Theme
Marketing to the Right Audience
Get to Know Your Attendees
Boosting Attendance

Module 3: Hosting the Event

Running Check-In
Hosting a Networking Event
Creating an Inclusive Atmosphere
Exercises for Connecting People

Module 4: Measuring Your Success

Measuring Your Social Media Impact
Cost Per Attendee Acquisition
Checking Quality
Measuring Your Event’s Reputation

Module 5: Building a Legacy

Post-Event Activities
Follow-Up Activities
Managing a Community
Making Your Next Event Even Better
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