University of Debrecen Medical School, Hungary

Professional Pilot with Type Rating, BSc

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University of Debrecen Medical School, Hungary
En Debrecen (Hungary)
  • University of Debrecen Medical School, Hungary

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Tipología Bachelor's degree
Lugar Debrecen (Hungary)
Duración 3
Inicio Septiembre 2019
  • Bachelor's degree
  • Debrecen (Hungary)
  • Duración:
  • Inicio:
    Septiembre 2019

Would you like to become a Professional Airline Pilot?

The main objective of the Professional Airline Pilot education is to give the applicants the knowledge and skills that make the passing of the ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot Licence) integrated training’s manual and academic licensing of the National Transport Authority, Aviation Authority possible without any further education.

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¿Qué objetivos tiene esta formación?

Our aim is to train professionals who are capable of working for aviation companies as professional pilots, who understand aviation, traffic, air operation and ground handling assignments and tasks, who can manage valid quality control tasks, have met requirements of ATP (A) (Airline Transport Pilot, Aircraft) integrated training.

Requisitos: - 12 years of education with grades 80% or above, or grades BBB at A level including Mathematics and Physics - Health: valid Class 1 Medical Certificate

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Nagyerdei Krt. 98., 4032, Hungary, Hungary
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Inicio Sep-2019
Nagyerdei Krt. 98., 4032, Hungary, Hungary
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György Czirják
Lo mejor: In 2013 we chose to build up a research, preparing training centre in support of air transportation, based on a Hungarian learning base and furnished with world-class instruments and infrastructure empowering the production of a high state of added value, in Debrecen, the second biggest city in Hungary, in the prompt region of the local international airport. Additionally depending on EU subsidizing as a Greenfield investment, the project has been finished in one year and is presently accessible to pilots, pilots to be and airlines as a novel organization in Central Eastern Europe. The center has simulators that rank it as unique in Europe as well as in the world. Pharma Flight welcomes those from all parts of Europe, or the world, who might want to acquire flying abilities, or who might search out our Center as a result of the legitimacy of their pilot's license.
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Curso realizado: Marzo 2017
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¿Qué aprendes en este curso?

Operations Management
Airline Training
Aviation Training
Airline pilot
Flight equipment handling
Flight instructions
Flight simulation tools


The programme includes:

• 40 courses + flight training
• 14 ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot License) courses
• 40 hours on FNPT II MCC simulator
• 15 hours on FTD simulator
• 40 hours on FFS simulator
• 200 flight hours

Our students acquire:

• Bachelor’s degree
• a frozen ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot Licence) with A320 type rating,
• PPL (Private Pilot Licence),
• CPL (Commercial Pilot Licence),
• ME-IR (Multi-engine Instrument Rating),
• MCC (Multi-Crew Cooperation Training),
• Jet Familiarization
• a professional UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) pilot licence (optional)

Core modules:

  • Basic Science Module (Mathematics, Technical Mechanics, Engineering Physics, Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics, Informatics, Descriptive Geometry, Meteorology)
  • Economy and Law Module (Economics for Engineers, Microeconomics, Management for Engineers, Basics of Quality Management, Environmental protection, Dangerous Goods, Flight Administration and Law, ATPL, Air Law)
  • Engineering Module (Machine Elements, Materials Science, Manufacturing Processes, Electro-technics and Electronics, Measurements and Automatics, Industrial Safety, Sensors and Actuators, Mechatronics)
  • Aviation Engineering Module (Aircraft Technology, PPL Theoretical Knowledge, Principles of Flight, Aircraft General Knowledge (Airframe/Systems/Power Plants) ATPL, Aircraft General Knowledge – Instrumentation)
  • Aviation Management and Administration Module (Crew Management, Rules of Aerodromes, Radiotelephony, Mass and Balance, Performance, Flight Planning and Monitoring, General Navigation, Radio Navigation, Operational Procedures, Communication)

Simulation Fleet

  • Airbus 320-200 Full Flight Simulator (FFS), which meets the highest available level in CS-FSTD A Level D with CFM56-5B4 and IAE V2527-A5 engine version
  • Boeing 737-800 (FTD), which meets the requirements prescribed in CS-FSTD A Level 2 with CFM56-7 engine version

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