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Professional Practice in Couns

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Learn how to operate a consulting business successfully. This course is a valuable guide to setting up and operating a consulting business in any profession. It has been developed to complement studies in the various disciplines offered by ADL, including Psychology, Horticulture, Agriculture, Leisure Studies, Businesss Management and Environmental Management.

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Best Practice
Communication Skills
Business Plan
Communication Training
IT Management
Skills and Training


This Course is Taught By:
Iona Lister

Her Background: Licentiate, Speech and Language Therapy, UK, Diploma in Advanced Counselling Skills.

She has been a clinician and manager of health services for fifteen years, and a trainer for UK-based medical charities, focusing on psychosocial issues, mental health disorders, and also the promotion of communication skills for people in helping roles. As a freelance writer, she contributes articles for magazines, has written four published books, and has written course material on coaching and counselling related fields.

Lesson Structure: Professional Practice For Consultants BBS301

There are 8 lessons:

Determining If a Consultancy Practice is for You
Nature and Scope
Pros and Cons of Being a Consultant
What is Needed to be a Consultant
Codes of Contact
Are You Ready
Getting Started
Planning a Consultancy Practice: Part 1
Methods of Entering Business
Deciding Where to Work
Start Up Finance
Business Structures
Set Up Costs
Having Assistance Available
Planning a Consultancy Practice: Part 2
Preparing a Business Plan for a Consultancy
Business Plan Pro Forma
Knowing What to Charge
Determining Costs
Available Work Time
Convincing Clients of Value in Your Fees
Setting Up Your Consulting Practice
Finding Clients
Marketing a Consultancy Practice
Establishing a Press Kit
Using the Internet
Keeping Accounts and Records
Keeping Records
Source Documents
Handling Invoices
Time sheets
Being Organised
How to Generate Business & Keep It
Using Agents or Brokers
Sub Contracting other Consultants and Support Services
Propagating Referrals
References from Clients
Writing Articles
Successful Client Relations
Closing a Deal
Keeping Clients
Dealing with Clients who Say No
Principles of Getting Business
Maintaining Your Consultancy Practice
Hiring Staff, Expanding Business
Creating Passive Income
Working in a Changing World
Learning Goals: Professional Practice For Consultants BBS301

Analyse current industry requirements and your individual needs to determine if opening a consultancy is appropriate.
Determine the business structure appropriate for your consultancy practice.
Produce a business plan and implementation schedule
Determine costs involved in setting up a practice and how to set fees.
Describe different communication and marketing techniques.
Describe different administrative procedures including invoicing and maintaining records and accounts.
Determine industry best practice for obtaining and keeping your customers
Recognise responsibility towards yourself and employees in maintaining and expanding your practice, and to develop strategies to cater for increased demand.

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Counselling and Support Work
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