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      Eligibility for Examiner Training

      • Prospective Examiners must be expected to give exams on a regular basis
      • Red Hat will only train prospective Examiners for whom there are specific and credible plans to give exams on a regular basis over several years.
      • Prospective Examiners must be current RHCEs prior to training
      • Examiner trainees must be current RHCEs prior to taking examiner training. Red Hat will evaluate this requirement using the verification page.
      • Prospective trainees who do not meet this requirement will not be trained until they do. Managers are urged to verify eligibility prior to requesting
      • examiner training in order to avoid scheduling difficulties.
      • Prospective Examiners must work for or with an authorized entity

      Examiner trainees must be one of the following:

      • Full- or part-time employees of Red Hat
      • Under contract to Red Hat
      • Full- or part-time employees of a Red Hat Training Partner
      • Under contract to a Red Hat Training Partner
      • Prospective Examiners must be a Red Hat Certified Instructror prior to taking the Examiner training

      We further recommend that they teach several classes with acceptable levels of performance prior to Examiner training.

      Additional informations:

      • The Red Hat Certification Team may elect not to train someone for reasons not provided in this document. In that event,
      • the Team will provide a written explanation to the head of the Global Learning Services Core Team and
      • Global Learning Services manager in EMEA.

      Examiner Training and Activation

      • Did you read the section above? No? Then please read it now!
      • While we do not expect these requirements to change much or often, the Certification Team reserves
      • the right to change or clarify these requirements as needed.

      Examiner training consists of the following steps:

      • Enrollment request and approval
      • Scheduling and account setup
      • Policy and Procedures instruction
      • Setup and delivery self-study
      • Assessment
      • Activation
      • Enrollment request and approval
      • Register prospective examiners with the Global Learning Services manager in EMEA or with the EMEA Chief Instructor.
      • Make sure to provide the name, certificate number and the prospectives username.
      • The Certification Team will review the training request for eligibility. If approved, the team will contact the candidate directly to schedule the remaining steps of the process and will notify the requester once these steps have been scheduled. If the prospective examiner is not approved, the Certification Team will notify the requester.

      Scheduling and account setup

      • The Certification Team will request a GPG key from prospective examiners that must be available from the public key servers
      • The prospective examiner´s identity and key ownership must be verified. There are three ways to verify identity and key ownership.
      • An active RHCX may check a government photo ID, verify the prospective examiner´s identity, and then sign the prospective examiner´s key with his or her own key (preferred)
      • The prospective candidate can print the key fingerprint of his or her key, have a Notary Public or suitable government official verify identity and affix a seal, and then mail the document to the Certification Team
      • Other approaches for which the Certification Team has provided approval in advance
      • Instructions and material related to examiner training will be sent in encrypted form using the prospective examiner´s GPG key. Communications with the Certification Team concerning examiner training must be signed with this key.
      • All RHCIs are provided with an RHN account linked with GLS. Distribution ISOs and layered product packages will be available via this account. Instructors and Examiners may use up to three system entitlements.
      • Policy and Procedures instruction
      • Prospective Examiners must watch a presentation that covers the Policies and Procedures for exam delivery. If the candidate requires translation of the presentation, an active RHCX who is fluent in the required language will be invited to assist.
      • After viewing this presentation, the candidate will notify the Certification Team that they have viewed and agree to the Policies and Procedures covered in the presentation. This notification must be signed by the GPG key described above.

      Setup and delivery self-study

      • The Certification Team will provide prospective examiners with an exam simulator. The exam simulator is intended to allow the candidate to become familiar with the flow of the exam without providing them with actual exam materials. Actual exam materials will only be provided after someone is activated as an examiner.
      • Use of the exam simulator requires three machines on an isolated network. Most prospective examiners will have access to an unused classroom or other means. Responsibility for having an environment rests with the prospective examiner, his or her employer, and the Red Hat geo with which they are affiliated, not with the Certification Team.
      • The Certification Team strongly recommends that prospective examiners practice as many install, configure, and grade cycles as possible. The assessment they will take after this step is timed, so it is essential that prospective examiners take the assessment with a thorough understanding of exam delivery procedures to provide the highest likelihood of success on the assessment.
      • Once the prospective examiner feels comfortable with exam administration, he or she must contact the Certification Team (again, using his or her signed key) and schedule the assessment.


      Before a prospective Examiner is activated and authorized to administer exams, he or she must pass an assessment. The Certification Team will make every reasonable effort to schedule the assessment at a time that is convenient for the prospective examiner. The assessment requires that the candidate have Internet access and a VNC viewer capable of tunneling over SSH.

      The assessment consists of four sections divided into three sessions. The times allowed for each session are as follows:

      • Server1 installation and configuration and RHCT exam simulation: 2 hours
      • RHCE exam simulation I: 2 hours
      • RHCE exam simulation II: 2 hours
      • Sessions may be scheduled as separate events but the sessions must be completed in order. Failure to complete a session in the allotted time will require a rescheduling of that session and any that follow.

      The assessment is designed to evaluate three behaviors:

      • The ability to administer the exam according to an exam administration documents
      • The use of policy-compliant actions and judgment when presented with problems during an exam
      • Providing correct documentation, packaging, and submission of an exam.
      • The time allotted for each session does not allow sufficient time for a candidate who is unfamiliar with the exam instructions to complete the tasks. Consequently, we encourage all managers to provide prospective examiners with sufficient time to practice and prepare. The Certification Team will not activate examiners who were unsuccessful in their assessments, and any scheduling difficulties that arise from an unsuccessful assessment are solely the responsibility of the Red Hat services organization or training partner sponsoring the prospective examiner.


      Upon successful completion of the three assessment sessions, the prospective examiner will be activated as a provisional Examiner, i.e., RHAX.

      An RHAX examiner is authorized to administer RHCT exams, but not RHCE.

      Uponcompletion of at least one successful RHCT exam, the RHAX is eligible for promotion to RHCX.

      An RHCX is authorized to administer RHCE and RHCT exams. "Successful" here means the exam was properly administered, packaged, and submitted with no examiner errors. These determinations are made by the Certification Team. Promotion will be done upon request by the Global Learning Services manager in EMEA .

      This initial RHCT exam does not need to be a regularly-scheduled open-enrollment exam. It is permissible for the RHAX to give the RHCT exam to as few as one internal candidate, provided that the candidate is eligible to take the exam.

      As of May 1st, 2009, these requirements will change. It will then be enough to pass the three assessment sessions in order to become RHCX, and the new examiner is eligible to deliver RHCE exams immediately after being activated as an RHCX.

      Final remark: This is an remote/online training.

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