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Sophisticated Baking & Cake Design

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Cake design truly is an art form; anyone who has ever been to a wedding where the cake sits front and center knows this to be true. In fact, this art form is so coveted that those tiered wedding cakes can run as high as a thousand dollars to buy and display. But what a lot of people may not realize is that you don’t have to have a degree from an expensive culinary school in order to create beautiful and sophisticated cakes, anymore than you have to attend art school in Paris to be able to create beautiful paintings.

Learning how to create cakes like the pros is absolutely within your reach. And with this course, you’ll be well on your way to wowing friends and relatives at birthday parties, weddings, and every cake-eating event in between.

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What You’ll Learn:

This course has been specifically designed for those hoping to learn how to create beautiful and sophisticated cake designs that tantalize the taste buds and the eyes. We’ll guide you through the tools all formidable cake designers have at their disposal, and the steps for using those tools as a means of artistic expression. Each module will walk you through the varying choices that exist for you in cake design, as well as the techniques that will set your cakes apart and lead to a finished product that looks almost too good to eat.

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Module 1 : Getting Started
Evaluating the Occasion
Determining Size
Choosing a Design
Gathering Supplies
Cutting Pieces

Module 2 : Icing
Making Buttercream
Piping Star or Petal Tips
Patterned Designs
Icing vs. Fondant

Module 3 : Making Fondant
What You Need Creating the Fondant
Getting Your Texture Right
Getting the Color Right
How Important is Taste?

Module 4 : Decorating with Fondant
The Basics
Simple Designs
Complex Patterns
The Hand Painted Technique

Module 5 : Putting it All Together
Stacking Cakes
Adding Design Elements
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