La Aventura Española - LAE Madrid Spanish Language School

Spanish Intensive Course at LAE Madrid

La Aventura Española - LAE Madrid Spanish Language School

¿Quieres hablar con un asesor sobre este curso?
¿Quieres hablar con un asesor sobre este curso?

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Duración 1 Semana
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    1 Semana

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Intensive Spanish course
Fun Spanish classes


Grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation with fun activities.

Lower levels (A1-B1)

These levels are still in the foundation phase of learning a language. It is therefore necessary to have a more structured approach so that you don’t miss any vital language learning blocks (structure doesn’t mean we won’t be having fun!). You will therefore be provided with a text book which the teacher will follow for about 40% of your classes. All our Spanish teachers are trained in the PPP methodology (presentation, practice, production). This means they will present a new structure to you using as much previous Spanish knowledge as they can pull out of you. Once everyone has an understanding of the new structure, you will practice the structure using games, gap fills, listenings, readings etc. The final P in the puzzle is the ‘doing’ – which is normally through discussion, debates, presentations, games and role plays. This means that you always finish the class by doing something practical that you can use in the outside world and be able to see the progress you have made. As you will be using the textbook 40% of the time, the teacher will use a range of real interactive material and activities to complement the structure of the text book.

Higher levels (B2-C2)

At this level you have moved on from foundation and we are now at the revising, fixing and fluency stage of your Spanish language journey. From many years experience as language educators we know that a ‘one size fits all’ approach at this level is frustrating and quite often boring for the more advanced student– so we tailor the Spanish classes to your needs. The teacher uses a range of materials and instead of using one text books, uses a range of materials both from educational text books and from the real world.

We also know that this is the time to push you to meet new goals as progress can slow up from the lower levels and by taking an intensive Spanish course you want to make a new leap forward. We therefore have a strict honour code for using Spanish during your scheduled classes (including the break time – we have spys so don’t think we won’t be watching!!). We also encourage you to turn your mobile into Spanish, facebook etc so that you are immersing yourself as much as possible – obviously getting yourself a new boy/girlfriend would be very useful as well!

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