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Supply Chain Management

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Acudemy Training
En London (Inglaterra)
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Tipología Taller
Nivel Beginner
Lugar London (Inglaterra)
Duración 5 Days
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  • Taller
  • Beginner
  • London (Inglaterra)
  • Duración:
    5 Days
  • Inicio:
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Emagister adds to its catalog the course in Supply Chain Management, which aims to prepare professionals with the ability to understand and evaluate production and inventory activities within a company’s global operations.

In the past, knowledge of a limited area production and inventory control for example was sufficient to ensure career success in manufacturing. That’s not true anymore. Today, the success manufacturing manager has to understand the overall picture of manufacturing systems, master planning, purchasing, TQM, and much more. This program complies with the Supply Chain Council principles.

If you want to enjoy all the benefits of the course, contact with us through our website so we can provide you with the most relevant information.

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¿Qué objetivos tiene esta formación?

Participants will be able to:
Understand basic business wide concepts, including understanding various supply chain environments
Manage demand, including markets and customers expectations
Designing of products, processes, and information systems
Understanding supply issues including inventory costs, functions, and metrics

¿Esta formación es para mí?

If you're looking to start a career in Supply Chain Management, then this could be the perfect course for you. By introducing you to many of the fundamental concepts behind Supply Chain Management, this course will help you to decide if this career path is well suited to you, whilst giving you knowledge and skills that you'll be able to comfortably transfer to any industry. This program is targeting Supply Chain Associate attendees with 0 to 3 years of experience in this field.

Supply Chain Managers, Supply Chain Associates, Marketing Manager

¿Qué pasará tras pedir información?

On receiving your request one of our course advisers will give you a call to explain everything and follow up with an e-mail including payment options and our enrolment form.

Precio a usuarios Emagister: Spring Offer

Requisitos: There are no prerequisites or entry requirements

Instalaciones y fechas
Dónde se imparte y en qué fechas
Inicio Ubicación
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London, Inglaterra
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Inicio Fechas a elegir
London, Inglaterra
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¿Qué aprendes en este curso?

Quality Systems
Supply Chain Management
Inventory Management
Strategic Planning
Quality Training
Supply and Chain Management
Demand Management
Resource Planning
Master Planning
Planning Environment
Capacity Management
Physical Distribution


Key points will consist of:

Session 1 – Importance of Strategic Planning

  • Introduction to Manufacturing
  • Production Environments and Process Choices
  • The Manufacturing Supply Chain
  • Manufacturing Planning and Control
  • The Impact of New Systems and Philosophies
  • The Role of ERP in Supply Chain Evolution

Session 2 - Demand Management

  • Demand Management Processes
  • Characteristics of Demand
  • Basic Forecasting Concepts
  • Simple Time Series Analysis
  • Measuring the Forecast Error - MAD

Session 3 -  Master Planning

  • Purpose and Scope of Master Planning
  • Sales and Operations Planning and Production Planning
  • Master Scheduling and the Master Production Schedule (MPS)
  • Resource Planning and Rough-Cut Capacity Planning
  • Master Production Schedule and Sales

Session 4 - Material Requirements Planning

  • Material Requirements Planning Environment
  • Bill of Material
  • Material Requirements Planning Logic
  • Using and Managing the Priority Plan

Session 5 - Capacity Management and Production Activity Control

  • Capacity Management
  • Production Activity Control

Session 6 - Aggregate Inventory Management

  • Introduction to Inventory
  • The Inventory Carrying Cost Concepts
  • Financial Statements and Inventory

Session 7 - Item Inventory Management

  • Order Quantities
  • Independent Demand Ordering Systems
  • The Safety Stock formula for finished products
  • ABC Inventory Control
  • Auditing Inventory Records

Session 8 - Purchasing and Physical Distribution

  • Purchasing (Physical Supply) Management
  • Inco terms 2010
  • The Expediting Process
  • Physical Distribution and DRP system

Session 9 - Lean and Quality Systems

  • Productivity and Quality Systems
  • Focus on the Customer
  • Lean/Just-in-Time
  • Quality Management Systems
  • Value Stream Mapping

Información adicional

We provide Company In-House/On-Site Training Worldwide Option for this course.  

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