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Wine Appreciation

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Typology Course
Methodology Online
Class hours 45h
Duration 60 Days
Start Different dates available
Online campus Yes
Delivery of study materials Yes
Support service Yes
  • Course
  • Online
  • 45h
  • Duration:
    60 Days
  • Start:
    Different dates available
  • Online campus
  • Delivery of study materials
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Whether you want to become a certified sommelier or you just want to learn how to properly choose and serve wine at your dinner parties, our Wine Appreciation course is the best way for you to prepare yourself. The sheer number of wine varieties and rules surrounding wine service and tasting, understanding wine appreciation can be a mammoth task.

Knowing how to choose the proper wine for any situation will serve you well in your life. If you want to impress someone on your first date, make your dinner party as seamless as possible, or even recommend the perfect wine to pair with your customer’s meal, knowledge of wine appreciation is invaluable. Don’t let yourself continue to shrink away when the subject of wine comes up. Get yourself the knowledge you need to impress you friends, or even lay the foundation for a fun and exciting career.

Important information
What are the course objectives?

Take away the fear and stigma for learning more about wine and use our course to learn:

how wine is made, from planting the seed to cultivating the grape to refining it into wine.
how different varieties of wine are created and what makes each of them different.
how to participate in a wine tasting as an expert.
what to look for in a wine you are tasting.
how to properly store your wine (no matter the variety).
how to choose the proper wine for every occasion.

Get on track to become a sommelier or just learn helpful information about wine.

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Reviews on this course

Rachel Wills
What I would highlight: The Wine Appreciation course gave me lots of information I didn't have before. I enjoyed the learning methods and the layout of the module.The training facilities available are very good, clean and there was plenty of space for all of us. I would highly recommend anyone to go to a wine appreciation course as a fun mid week outing, or one of the courses if you are keen to get even deeper into the bottle (so to say)! Thank you again for an amazing course!
What could be improved: Nothing.
Course taken: Diciembre 2016
Would you recommend this centre?: yes
Lan Claire
What I would highlight: I am totally excited with your organization. Not just is the course itself awesome the staff on your client benefit group are sensational. I have written in on a few events with inquiries and have got clear succinct and in particular inviting help every time. I am so making the most of my Wine Appreciation course. Every module has exhibited apropos data in a way that is so natural for me to get it. I am exceptionally appreciative for the instruction and for the assistance offerred.
What could be improved: Nothing bad.
Course taken: Agosto 2015
Would you recommend this centre?: yes
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What you'll learn on the course

Wine aging
Wine bottling and storage
Wine tasting
Wine Serving
Wine Regions
Wine pairing
Grape Varieties

Course programme

Module 1: Grape varieties

1.1 White grapes
1.2 Black grapes
1.3 Red grapes
1.4 Hybrid grapes

Module 2: Winemaking

2.1 Planting
2.2 Harvesting
2.3 Crushing
2.4 Primary fermentation
2.5 Pressing
2.6 Secondary fermentation
2.7 Blending
2.8 Filtration

Module 3: Wine varieties

4.1 Red wine
4.2 White wine
4.3 Blends
4.4 Rose
4.5 Sparkling wine

Module 4: Why are there so many wine varieties?

4.1 Factors that influence style
4.2 Factors that influence quality
4.3 Factors that influence price

Module 5: Wine regions

5.1 USA
5.2 France
5.3 Italy
5.4 Spain
5.5 South America
5.6 Other regions

Module 6: Wine tasting process

6.1 Vertical vs. horizontal tastings
6.2 Sight
6.3 Smell
6.4 Taste
6.6 Wine tasting etiquette
6.7 Scoring wine

Module 7: What to look for in your wine

7.1 Balance
7.2 Complexity and character
7.3 Concentration
7.4 Finish
7.5 Faults

Module 8: Wine pairings: Wine & Food

8.1 Purpose of wine pairings
8.2 Classic pairings
8.3 Effect of poor pairing

Module 9: How to serve wine

9.1 Opening a bottle of wine
9.2 Saving a bottle from a broken cork
9.3 Proper pouring
9.4 Using the right glass

Module 10: Proper wine storage

10.1 How external variables affect wine
10.2 Light whites and sparkling wines
10.3 Medium-bodied whites and light-bodied reds
10.4 Full-bodies whites and medium-bodies reds
10.5 Full-bodied reds
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