Specialist Close Protection Training Course

Private Security Forces PSF
En Bilbao

¿Quieres hablar con un asesor sobre este curso?
¿Quieres hablar con un asesor sobre este curso?

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Tipología Curso
Lugar Bilbao
Duración 3 Semanas
  • Curso
  • Bilbao
  • Duración:
    3 Semanas

Objetivo del curso: #Unique methods that can be applied in any close protection situation around the globe. #Exposure to the security world community, networking and career opportunities. #Expert instructors, who have years of experience both in the field and in CP training. #The entire necessary tools to build you as an executive protection agent. #An intensive experience of inside look on PSF's close protection

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Dónde se imparte y en qué fechas

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Vizcaya, España
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Vizcaya, España
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Preguntas Frecuentes

· Requisitos

Mil/LE personnel with valid Standard First Aid & CPR certification. Proficient with basic weapons handling and be able to conduct IA's on Day one!


The fees include:

  • Overnight accommodations
  • 3 meals per day
  • Full private transportation to and from airport and training facility
  • All the training equipment for the course including holsters, safety gear,
    protective pads, etc.
  • Certificates

Kit list
Please note: Casual clothes are to be worn the majority of the course so it is highly recommended that you bring enough to last you. Washing facilities will be available. .
NOTE: All tactical equipment will be provided to you on the course. You will be responsible for these items and any misuse or malicious damage to these items will be paid for by you. Accidental damage will be treated as such.

  • Physical training rig - jogging bottoms, vests / t-shirts, sweat shirt
  • Casual clothes
  • Socks & underwear
  • Warm fleece-type top (evenings)
  • Waterproof top / coat
  • Baseball cap - plain (no loud or colorful hats will be permitted)
  • Trainers / sneakers
  • Flip flop type footwear
  • Wash kit / large towel
  • 4 x passport size photographs
  • Suit (Black or Navy)
  • Shoes

Please note: The following are what are to be worn whilst conducting drills and techniques.
It is highly recommended that you abide by the recommendations below.

  • 511-type tactical vest
  • Cargo pants-type trousers (baggy) x 2 Pairs
  • Long sleeve shirts (minimum of 3)
  • Plain t-shirts (minimum of 3)
  • Belt (2)
  • Desert-type boots or similar (high leg)
  • Digital camera (optional)
  • Day sack - Small rucksack
  • Sleeping bag (light weight and compact)
  • Binoculars (optional)
  • Whistle
  • Water bottle
  • Compass / GPS (Optional)
  • Waterproof map case

Any other items of clothing may be brought to the course at your own discretion. There is no need to be uncomfortable. REMEMBER: Most airlines only allow 20KG of baggage and 6KG of cabin baggage, so pack carefully.
. .
Check that you meet the following prerequisites

  • Knowledge of Basic English - only Basic English is required
  • Have the legal age required in your country
  • Physical fitness - .

Note: Do not bring any personal weapons (guns, knives, etc.) or any additional security equipment. All the necessary training equipment will be provided.

Información adicional

Información sobre el precio: Todo pago para el curso debe ser hecho antes de asistir al curso a menos que hayan sido convenidos arreglos alternativos. El costo del curso incluye: - Alojamiento durante toda la duración del curso - 3 comidas por día - El transporte privado desde/hasta el aeropuerto - Todo el equipo de la instrucción para el curso inclusive fundas, engranaje de seguridad, almohadillas protectoras, etc. - Certificados Requisitos: - Sólo ingles muy basico es requerido - Tener la edad legal necesaria en su pais - Estar en Forma física

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