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      ¿Quieres hablar con un asesor sobre este curso?
      ¿Quieres hablar con un asesor sobre este curso?

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      Tipología Diploma de Especialización
      Metodología Online
      Duración 3 Meses
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      Campus online
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      • Diploma de Especialización
      • Online
      • Duración:
        3 Meses
      • Inicio:
        Fechas a elegir
      • Campus online
      • Envío de materiales de aprendizaje
      • Servicio de consultas
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      With an increased focus on managing business conduct by regulators in many jurisdictions, financial firms are closely scrutinising what conduct risk means in practice to them. As a result, firms need to understand how business conduct impacts on their business, their employees, their customers and the market in which they operate.

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      A tener en cuenta

      · ¿Cuáles son los objetivos de este curso?

      The ICA Specialist Certificate in Conduct Risk provides you with an opportunity to understand the fundamentals of conduct risk. You will look at the key terminology and develop skills that will help you recognise good and poor conduct. You will explore key regulatory developments that affect your firm and your stakeholders and will gain an understanding of how to react. You will also gain a valuable insight into how a regulatory conduct framework works in practice, by referencing the Senior Managers & Certification Regime (SM&CR) in the UK.

      · ¿A quién va dirigido?

      This course will be aimed initially at staff working and wishing to work in roles in financial services companies, regulators and public organisations, including: - compliance roles - sales management roles - product and process development roles - risk management roles - strategic development roles - complaint handling and customer service roles

      · Requisitos

      The course is specifically designed to be detailed yet accessible. Prior subject matter knowledge will be useful, but is not essential. To get the most from the course, a good standard of English is required.

      · Titulación

      International Compliance Association Specialist Certificate awarded in association with Alliance Manchester Business School, the University of Manchester.

      · ¿Qué distingue a este curso de los demás?

      There is a lot of choice when it comes to your qualification – and we know that there are other options – but take a look at the benefits of choosing an ICA qualification: • Independently awarded qualifications that are also awarded in association with the UK’s largest campus-based business school: Alliance Manchester Business School, the University of Manchester. • As this is an accredited educational institution, you can be rest assured that your achievements will be recognised globally by both regulators and employers as being the benchmark of excellence • Assessed in a way that tests your critical thinking and judgment skills rather than just your memory • Career-enhancing with many students reporting promotions or higher-paid jobs as a result of attaining their qualification • Practically focused and designed so you can apply your knowledge immediately, empowering you to perform at your very best • Enable you to develop best practice initiatives that help prevent and mitigate risk at your firm • Be part of their global compliance community of thousands of like-minded professionals

      · How will you be assessed?

      At the end of the online course, you will take a one-hour, multiple choice closed book examination. Specialist certificate courses count as 15 hours of ICA CPD credit.

      · Where can I find more information about this ICA qualification?

      You can find more information here: https://www.int-comp.com/qualifications/advanced-certificate-in-cdd/

      · When and where can I study?

      Visit International Compliance Training's website, our dedicated training partner, for information on the locations and dates for this course.

      · What are the benefits of a virtual classroom?

      - Access to coursework and tutors from anywhere in the world - Combination of both structure and freedom - you can have the structure of a formal classroom environment with the freedom to do an online course that suits your individual learning needs - Addresses the work-life balance that a lot of people feel is a barrier to learning - Expanded worldview - you will learn with international students, not necessarily from your jurisdiction, you get an exclusive insight into other businesses, cultures and attitudes which can inform your own approaches to problem solving - Increased digital skills - while increasing your knowledge and skills in your chosen subject, you can also benefit from using online learning technology.

      · ICA membership

      In order to study any ICA qualification you need to be a member of the ICA, joining their international professional community of thousands of like-minded individuals.

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      ¿Qué aprendes en este curso?

      Risk factors
      Conduct risk
      Cumplimiento normativo
      Market conducts
      Regulación financiera
      Regulatory compliance
      Risk Management


      Gail Wessels
      Gail Wessels
      Compliance Specialist and Trainer


      What will you learn?
      • Development of the conduct agenda
      • Core components of conduct risk
      • What does good conduct look like for a firm?
      • Know your responsibilities and accountabilities
      • What does good conduct look like for customers?
      • Meeting the customer's objectives ~ the outcomes-focused approach
      • What is 'fair'?
      • The importance of good market conduct
      • Requirements and why they are there
      • Impacts of poor market conduct
      • Understanding a conduct framework in practice - the Senior Managers & Certification Regime (UK)