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Many high school students aspire to enroll in an international bachelor’s program but lack the necessary background to do so. The Business Bridging Program bridges the gap for aspiring candidates. It provides them with the necessary knowledge and English base to succeed in EU’s three-year bachelor’s programs.

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Ganduxer, 70, 08021, Barcelona, España
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Inicio Octubre
Ganduxer, 70, 08021, Barcelona, España
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2.0 16/05/2017
Lo mejor: I was really overpromised by the administration of the University.I would not recommend this university, because the cost of the education is very high if we take into consideration the value of the education they provide us with. Most of the professors don’t speak English very well, as well as they don’t know the materials of their subjects. Also the administration does not want to help you if there are some issues with you schedule or with professors. That’s why you should choose any other university, if you have the opportunity to do so.
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3.0 11/04/2017
Lo mejor: Honestamente no me gusta mucho esta universidad. Yo estudio negocio de turismo pero las asignaturas concentran en el negocio mas que la area del turismo. Por eso, la recomendo para los estudiantes en negocio.
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4.0 10/01/2017
Lo mejor: If not to talk about bad points, one of the good sides of the uni is variety of cultures and people from all over the world. You can meet a lot of people and it opens amazing business opportunities because you already have friends abroad and established good chain of connections.
A mejorar: Nothing.
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3.0 09/01/2017
Lo mejor: Students are very nice, good international community, I got a lot of friends. I am planning to finish my bachelor but will not continue my eductation with EU. Will choose another uni to do MBA in Barcelona.
A mejorar: Not one of the best universities. Classes not well taught, professors just going by slides and that’s all.
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Habilidades de liderazgo
business management
Habilidades comunicativas
Management Skills
Managerial economics
Business law
Business Bridging


English for Business
  • We live in a global economy, hence the importance of being able to communicate effectively in English to operate successfully in the business world and open career doors. This interactive course focuses on how to do business in English and the language and skills required to do so.
Study Skills
  • Getting good grades at tertiary levels requires well developed study skills to help students to become more efficient and effective in their approach to learning and studying. The focus of this interactive course is to build on study techniques in order to help students become more independently aware of their common study strengths and how they can overcome their weaknesses. The course will focus on a variety of essential topics: time – management, group learning, managing stress, examination techniques, research skills, confident academic writing and next steps planning.
Communication Skills
  • The ability to communicate effectively in any situation is essential for success. This course focuses on the need to continually improve communication skills, both active and passive, and provides basic tools for improvement in both oral and written skills. The use of role-play and interactive exercises provide the student with a platform for improvement, at the same time increasing self-confidence in public speaking activities. Students complete an end of chapter test.
Management Basics
  • Management is pervasive in our society but many, and especially young adults, are unaware of the reach of management. Students explore their own informal encounters with business and organizations in order to develop an awareness of what business is and what constitutes good business practice The course is delivered through a mix of theory, case analysis, written assignments, readings and group and class discussion.
Business & Society
  • The course is designed to introduce students to the issues related to the impact of business on society and vice-versa. The course introduces students to the concepts of social responsibility and aims to enrich their understanding of what it means to manage an ethical business. Students are encouraged to examine different incidents critically in order to gain further insight into more specialist areas of management. This course can act as a knowledge base for subsequent in-depth courses. Emphasis is placed on the complex role social responsibility plays within an organization as well as the impact of the external environment on business activities. The course is delivered through a mix of theory, case analysis, written assignments, group work, class discussions and presentations.
Introduction to Law
  • This course is designed to introduce students to the legal framework that any business activity might face and understand the main institutions of Business Law taking the European Union as role model. Students will learn basic legal terminology as well as how to approach and read legal documents and legal texts.
Introduction to Economics
  • Students are introduced to the background and history of economics, including key players and theories which are relevant in today’s environment. The course gives a general understanding of the nature of economics and its impact in all aspects of life, focusing especially in how choices are made; students reflect on their personal choices as well as organizational decision-making.

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