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Would you like to experience the advantages of online learning? EU Business School offers an online MBA that gives you the opportunity of developing your skills and knowledge from the comfort of your home. The 2012 Annual Internet Survey showed that over six million people around the globe were already finding success through the advantageous benefits e-learning programs offer.

To keep up with today’s busy schedules and upward corporate mobility trends, in 2012, EU Business School opened its online campus. Its flagship Online MBA program adapts its onsite counterpart to fit online needs with an easy-to-use web platform, acclaimed lecturers with experience in online education and on-campus weeks for a truly inegrated and complete experience.

Ask for more information through Emagister’s website and do not miss the chance of refreshing your profile and skills with this innovative MBA!

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4.5 15/03/2017
Lo mejor: I’m here during a couple of weeks and i’m really appreciating the EU University. Despite of heard some comments about the Administration Department, in my opinion they are very good. They already helped me with my TIE and in my opinion it demonstrates a big support.
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4.5 15/03/2017
Lo mejor: I’m at the EU Business School just for few weeks and I’m really impressed with the environment. The professors have in disponibility a lot of tools to improve the interaction with the students, inlcuding the intranet of the University. Despite of that, I’m not very happy with the Administration Office.
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Tanna Brodbar
5.0 09/03/2017
Lo mejor: The EU online experience has been fabulous. I’ve been really open about my feelings about how responsive the staff has been. How caring and considerate they are around our experiences. The technology is amazing – how it can enable me to tap into a seminar, see the recording and my classmates’ comments if I can’t attend it live.
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3.0 09/01/2017
Lo mejor: I am not very satisfied with university.
A mejorar: Courses are designed to provide general knowledge of business education. I would not recommend this university for students who wants to have deeper and more up-to date education.
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4.0 08/01/2017
Lo mejor: In our curriculum we have some industrial visits such as freixeniet Cava, mango.. these visits are helping us a lot to meet the professionals in the market and to learn a lot from them. And also some trips to Girona and surges wich are also helping to discover Catalunya and to meet new people. I love the social life of our university.
A mejorar: Nothing.
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The program web portal is available 24 hours a day, with open access to study materials, syllabi, plans, guides, reading materials, lectures and discussion forums.

Coursework includes online team building and group work, peer-to-peer communication, online lectures, active class discussions, on-campus work and case-study analyses. Average MBA-related work time is around 30 to 40 hours per week.

Online MBA students are required to turn in a project at the end of their final term that will take about six months to complete. Each student is assigned a faculty advisor or mentor who will guide the student during the process.

The Online MBA is offered with the following majors:

  • MBA - International Business
  • MBA - Communication & Public Relations
  • MBA - International Marketing
  • MBA - Global Banking & Finance
  • MBA - Entrepreneurship
  • MBA - Leadership
  • MBA - E-Business
  • MBA - Sports Management
  • MBA - Human Resources Management