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The Executive Bachelor of Business Administration (EBBA) is a one-year, two-semester intensive program designed for working professionals in middle or senior management positions and with at least five years of work experience. Its objective is to equip professionals with theoretical and conceptual knowledge, to strengthen their extensive work experience and prepare them for graduate studies.

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Students must be in the final year of completing or already have completed their high school (or equivalent) diploma. Students must also have an intermediate English level.


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2.0 03/04/2017
Lo mejor: In general, the education might be considered as acceptable. However, only a few professors really know their subject. Most of them have poor English, use presentations from the Internet without even get deeper into the topic they are talking about. You also need to learn mostly by yourself, search a lot, because the information given in classes differs significantly from the one, which is asked in the assignments. Besides many misunderstandings with professors, your problems will never be solved. The administration simply does not care about that. It is a waste of time and nerves… To conclude, I can say that basically, the education process is very interesting and fascinating, you can learn a lot and get good experience. Nevertheless, it does not worth paying for the education that much, and also paying extra for each event.
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5.0 23/03/2017
Lo mejor: With the right words, charts, opinions and subjects Peter Brabeck was able to give me the best talk that I ever seen. The role of the EU Business School in this question was essential and very well realized. The university really gave the support and provided the higher standard presented in the event.
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5.0 09/01/2017
Lo mejor: I am studying at EU Business School second year and I will recommend this university for everyone. Professors and Students here are very friendly and kind. Administration is caring about every student at our university.
A mejorar: Nothing.
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4.0 09/01/2017
Lo mejor: The school is very internatinal and culturally friendly to all it’s students. The variety of classes and material are well spread out and thought through. However, the daily time spent in university could reach 12 hours, due to 2-3 hour breaks in between classes, which could be exhausting. The workload overall is moderate and can be completed if well time managed. The tuition fees could be a little less in regards to level of professionalism that is presented by the school.
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Business English
Ética profesional
Estrategias competitivas


Business Management
Quantitative Business Methods
Business Finance
Communication Skills
Marketing Management
Management Information Systems
Ethics in Business
Case Study Analysis

Strategic Management
Introduction to Financial Accounting
Production & Operations Management
Human Resources Management
Customer Relationship Management
Managerial Economics
Corporate Finance & Cases in Finance
Cases in Marketing

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