The data on employability and companies are revealed in detail in the Annual Report 2018.

EAE and Companies

Some of the key figures presented in the section focusing on EAE’s links with companies, are over 7,000 employment and internship offers posted in 2018, and more than 5,300 national and international Partner companies. In addition, other statistics show that, last year, while students at the School took part in over a hundred Graduate Programs in multinational companies, more than 500 interviews were conducted with headhunters.

Thanks to the network of more than 5,300 Partner companies, EAE’s Professional Careers Service enhances the students’ professional visibility. In order to achieve this, EAE organizes Employability Workshops to improve their positioning on the market and achieve professional success, by giving students insight into different strategies. During these workshops, participants analyse topics such CVs, the letter of presentation, the LinkedIn professional network, the importance of personal branding and other search strategies involving their personal communication,  digital reputation, role plays and plans.

The companies that took EAE students last year on their Graduate Programs processed by EAE include: Adidas, Amazon, Apple, Axa, Burger King, Google, HP, IBM, L’Oréal, LVMH, Nike, Schneider Electric, Uniqlo and Vodafone.

EAE’s student profile

After completing the program, a total of 85% of EAE’s students obtained new employment offers; after finishing the Master, 76% of them detected new professional opportunities; during their studies, 87% built a useful network of contact and 92% improved their decision-making capacity.Furthermore, 80% of students improved their professional situation and 74% increased their salary.

In addition, the Annual Report shows that the School’s links with the employment market are a key part of the day-to-day work of this department, revailing that, after their time at EAE, 62% of students accessed employment through the Professional Careers Service, while 98% got placed on an internship.

The Report also analyses the professional experience of EAE students:

  • 51% have over 5 years’ experience;
  • 51% hold an executive position;
  • 61% work in a multinational company;
  • 92% work in the private sector;
  • 35% work abroad.

The main departments in which EAE graduates work are marketing and communication (18%), commercial and sales (12%) and consultancy (11%). In the different sectors they work in, graduates of Full-Time programs report a salary increase as a result of the program of more than 59% in the case of marketing and sales, 49% for finance and stock market and over 49% for Big Data and BI. Graduates of Executive programs also report pay increases of over 50% in the case of digital marketing, over 45% for students on the Executive MBA and more than 41% for graduates of Supply Chain Management and Logistics.

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EAE’s Professional Careers Service

EAE Business School’s Professional Careers Department boosts students’ employability through a process consisting of different phases. The timeline starts with the definition of their career vision, followed by employment search and the implementation of training strategies, before culminating in the execution of a professional action plan. The main objective is for students to get guidance and define their strategies and objectives, ensuring that their interests and expectations are aligned to the employment market, thereby enhancing the likelihood of improved positioning and success.

This service is personalized and involves the individual analysis of each professional profile. Focused on each student, the process comprises three phases: READY > SET > GO!

  1. READY The initial phase focusing on preparing the candidate. At this stage, they define their professional strategy and build a career plan with the aim of aligning their profile to their professional objectives and goals.
  2. SET Based on the each profile’s experience, challenges and professional expectations, this phase focuses on training them to improve their positioning and set themselves apart from the other candidates, equipping them with tools based on the latest trends, as well as personalized assessment of their knowledge, orientation and adapting their CV and personal brand.
  3. GO! The final stage aims to enhance the student’s professional visibility among recruiting companies, through a range activities including the Online Employment Forum, Talent Week, monthly Company Meetings and Round Tables with Headhunters, among other activities.

Employability programs

EAE’s Professional Careers Department organizes different events that enhance the visibility of the School’s students, including:

  • EMPLOYMENT PORTAL – Current and former EAE students have access to the School’s employment platform, with over 5,300 Partner companies that posted more than 7,000 employment and internship offers in 2018.
  • COMPANY MEETING, TALENT WEEK AND INTERNATIONAL TALENT PROGRAM for Full-Time profiles. Company Meetings are sessions with multinational companies looking for potential profiles with the aim of training them on rotation programs for them to learn the company’s Core Business. Employability Week combines Company Meetings with Employability Workshops that give student the opportunity to contact companies in various sectors directly. Lastly, the International Talent Program focuses on students interested in boosting their international professional development.
  • For Executive profiles, the School organizes RECRUITING DAY and ROUND TABLES WITH HEADHUNTERS, sessions designed to improve each profile’s employability, professional opportunities and access to the employment market.
  • The EAE BUILDING LEADERS program identifies candidates with the potential to take part in the selection processes for the Talent Programs of multinational companies.

Check out the full version of the EAE Annual Report 2018 HERE.


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